The French UFO Files and the Future of UFO Disclosure

It appears that we are reaching a pivotal time in the human recognition of extraterrestrial entities.   For the first time in history, a national government is publicly releasing 50 years of UFO documents, cases, and reports. It will be interesting to see what effects this has on the world’s population.


The French Government is the first establishment to release all their UFO data to the public. Other countries, including the US, provides documents when requested (following the Freedom of Information Act), but does not currently openly publish all the related documents for the public.


The French website which is releasing this new UFO data and claims they will publish more than 10,000 documents with 1,600 cases. These documents are expected to have pictures, police reports, and videos.  


Out of the 1,600 UFO cases, only 9% of them have been fully explained. The remaining 91% are still unsolved. Of the unsolved cases, 25% of them are classified as category D, which means it had credible witnesses and good data, but the case is still unexplainable.


It will be interesting to see how the release of these French UFO files affects the future of UFO disclosure. In recent times, we have seen major UFO breakthroughs. From the proof of water on Mars, to the O’hare UFO sighting, it seems we are living on the edge of truth.


Perhaps this giant leap from the French will be the ice breaker that all UFO Nuts have been waiting for. We can only hope that other national governments follow suit, for what the French are doing is truly an honorable notion.