Haunted Hotels in California

In Benicia, you will find the Union Hotel, which has an eerie history that dates back to the 1800s. This is when a young woman hung herself in one of the rooms found within the hotel. To this very day, onlookers claim to catch sight of her apparition in the window that looks onto the street. As for the guests, they believe she is to blame for the lights that go on and off when no one is around. There is also someone who is constantly talking or crying when there should be a sound of anyone. 

The Hot Springs Hotel in Byron is situated on the right hand side of road, which is positioned ¼ of a mile back along a lengthy driveway. Here is where you will uncover the old-looking orange hotel that dates back to the late 1800s. It is remarkable that the remains are still intact. Legend has it that this location is the site of numerous hauntings of people who have lost their lives on the premises. Some of the ghosts that people believe are connected to the hotel include an elderly man who is seen wearing white rags. A young boy who runs about the halls is also a familiar resident. A collection of rather active spots are found at the hotel and there is always the feeling that it wasn’t the happiest of places to dwell.

The Sheraton Hotel located within the City of Industry is a place that people are warned to never trespass. Into the wee hours of the night , security guards patrol the grounds and during one of their walks , the claim to have encountered two shadowy figures they believe were running through the golf course. To boot, noises are sometimes heard in the back side of the buildings where the forest is found closest.

The Byron Inn in Tracy is an abandoned hotel that once had its fill of glamorous Hollywood stars that were in need of a place to get away from it all. It is said to now play host to an assortment of Hollywood ghosts.

The Cary House Hotel is Placerville is considered one of the most haunted sites where visitors can plan a trip to explore the ins and outs of the paranormal world. If you are looking for a real scare , head for Room 212, which is thought to be the most haunted of the bunch.

The Pleasanton Hotel in Pleasanton isn’t so pleasant if you take into account the haunting that takes place close to the bar section of the onsite eatery.  For starters, the vintage light fixtures seem to have a mind of their own, as they will go dim, as well as swing back and forth on their own ,stopping just as quickly as they started to move. A forceful cold spot is located on the north edge of the dance floor.  Some believe that the paranormal activity attached to the hotel could have something to do with the brothel that once thrived in the same location.