Two Well-Known Ghosts for the Worst

When it comes to having a ghostly reputation, you either have a bad or a good one. You can create fear in the hearts of those you come in contact with or even with the mere thought of your presence. Perhaps, you are merely a harmless threat, built up in the mind of locals because of their ignorance to your particular plight. On the hand, you may even be a friendly ghost, who is believed to help those in need, especially in times of crisis. Whatever type of ghost you are, you have a history and that history is marked by the things you accomplished in the life, as well as the afterlife. 


The Sad Tale of the Lady Lovibond


In the British Isles, the thought of Friday the 13th brings more to mind than just the occasional superstition. It is at this time that the shipwreck of the Lady Lovibond is forever mentioned in historic terms. On that fateful day in 1748, all of the passengers of the ship went down”¦all in the name of love. The cause of this unfortunate event was actually caused by a fit of jealousy, as well as rash decisions. Below the decks, there were celebrations amidst the journey. For example, the joyous occasion of the union of two people was going on through the cheers and laughter of Simon Peel’s marriage.


Above the deck, an angry man stewed. A man by the name of Rivers refused to join the party because he too was in love with Peel’s new bride. Consumed with jealousy, he truly took on the attitude of “if I can’t have her, then no one will.” Fueled by the love he has for the young bride, he actually drove the Lady Lovibond off course and into the sands. This act, sadly, killed all on board. To this day, it is believed that the reenactment of the shipwreck can be witnessed every 50 years. The ghostly ship, as well as the crew may also be sighted.


Beware of Hag of the Dribble


Although where Hag of the Dribble originated from is a bit unclear, legend has it that she may be the spirit of an ancient Welsh Goddess, who has decided to wreak havoc upon the living. Throughout Welsh history, the ghost of Hag of the Dribble has been known to represent an evil looking soul. If you ever encounter this figure, you will find her appearance rather unappealing.


She is old and haggled in statue, hence the name. Her hair is quite long, matted and unattractive. With her hooked nose and crooked back, she would make the perfect fright for Halloween. Even her fingers are gnarled with claws. It is her voice that evokes the most fear. It is said that her high-pitched screams are a assign of impending death. Those most affected by her presence tend to be Old Welsh families with a long history in the area.