UFO on Mars Picture collection – Mars Rovers Discoveries

Mars Rover Pictures Showing Anomalous activity and possible UFO’s

Mars Rover Spirit Landed in Early January, 2004, and here we are just a few days Spirit’s 90 day mark on Mars. So-far the Mission proved to be a drop dead success.  The discoveries by scientists and NASA go beyond any proof ever presented before that Life on Other planets is not only possible, But Probable.

In the 1400’s, people were laughed at for thinking the Earth was Round.  In the 1800’s, People were utterly disgusted by the suggestion that The Sun Does Not Orbit The Earth, but the Earth orbits the sun. And now in 2004, after years of people  being grotesquely disrespected for believing Aliens and Intelligent life other than Earth Beings, We now learn That MARS Flowed With Salty Oceans, And The Atmosphere Has Sulfur which is probably a bi-product of living organisms that thrive on Mars Today. This is truly exciting.

We are on the brink of a NEW ERA of learning and belief.  We already accomplished what we thought was impossible. What we learn from this mission might prove to be the most valuable information ever documented.  

NASA Initially gave the Rovers a 90 day life span which Spirit already surpassed, and Opportunity will also outlive. We do not have an accurate estimation of mission time remaining, But we all hope that these last remaining weeks reveal the new discoveries we all await. We put together a collection of the Mars Mission pictures which show unusual objects, and possible UFO’s. Although we are not claiming these are indeed actual UFO’s, This is the Image collection so-far.  

Most Pictures are Thumb-nailed. Click them to see the Large Picture

UFO’s in Mars Horizon Pictures


Could there Be UFO’s flying around Mars?  Recent and past Mars pictures taken by the Mars Rovers, Suggest this is possible. I have noticed not all these are UFO’s though.  One picture above has 2 UFO’s in it.  Later, after the discovery, I noticed several pictures have the same weird dots.  Upon close evaluation, I determined, the assumed UFO Pictures might not be UFO’s, but rather dots on the lenses, that later were freed. But there are still many UNEXPLAINABLE UFO Pictured from Mars rovers that are YET to be dis-credited.


Martian FOSSIL found On Mars By Rovers


We see spirals here on Earth often.  In sea shells, In pine cones, tornados, and such. But it appears a Rock on the surface of Mars also has a small spiral fossil embedded in it.

When NASA used the Rovers RAT (rock abrasion tool) they grinded part of a Martian Rock away.  To their suprise, they happened to cut a few “blueberries” that we now know is made from Hemitite Which formed in Salty Martian Water.

But what the photos also reveal is a small spiral shaped fossil like thing embedded in the rock.  Now common sense suggests, If you had a rock that formed in the presence of Liquid salty water, and there is a spiral fossil, One must assume it is remains of a lifeform.

Materials and Skulls on Mars

Motor And Material On Mars?


This Motor Picture is Outrageous..  This picture clearly shows a metallic Motor Like Object On Mars.  You can see a Shiny flat shell, an arm is attached to the motor.  There is a piece of material behind the motor. Truly an anomalous Picture.

Skulls On Mars


In the Same region as the Motor, There is also visible skulls. It is possible that these are rock formations, But seeing these skulls right by a motor and material strikes me as a UFO crash site.

More Skulls

Just another glimpse of another Skull

Spiral Shells On Mars?


This one’s hard to see,  but if you look close at the roundish object,  it is in a perfect golden mean spiral.  It resembles a seashell that spirals, and we all know Life forms in spirals.  But its a great task to find a natural spiral rock. 

Images from https://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_521.shtml

Human Faces On Mars

All these pictures are from the Mars Rover Spirit. Just Cut Outs, No Doctoring Done At-All.  It’s amazing how these pictures all reveal human like faces that seem to be carved into stone.  If you would like to see the full NASA Pictures before they were cut, you can request it from us here at Unexplainable.net 

This face is pretty vivid.  It has a big perfectly formed nose, the visible eye is in proper alignment, and there may even be a beard and mustache that could look real.  His hair is also vividly positioned in a proper manner.  Is this a face, or just a rock that was naturally shaped like this?

This face has more of the female look.  The noses in these rock faces seem to be bigger and more obtrusive than humans today. But again, the geometrical features on this face are aligned to the T.  She even has nice hair.
This Face Rock is more Ape like.  Flat straight hair that makes a point in the center of the forehead. A more Ape-like nose and cheeks.  But once again,  you can tell this probably isn’t natural formations.
This Picture shows something that most definitely isn’t a rock.  Looks like a metal helmet or really round face.  Its amazing this object is so perfectly designed, with eyes and a mouth. 
Same pic as above but in color


 Original un-cut Nasa Released images which contained these faces can be downloaded in a zip format here.

Now Compare The NEW 2004 Face Presented By Unexplainable.net to the 1976 Mars Surveyor Image of the 1 mile long face located in cydonia.  The facial Features of the hair, eyes, noses, ect. are extremely similar.  I think we will be seeing many more faces in the near future that take the same resemblence. 

New 2004 Face shown on Left,  Old 1976 Huge Face shown on right.

Images from https://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_489.shtml

Interesting Mars Photos

Since the Mars Rover Mission began, There has been some interesting discoveries on Mars.  Starting with the Water evidence NASA announced, The question remains,  Is there alot more to see?

Several web-sites began analyzing NASA’s mission photos of Mars surface, and some very strange object and pictures been emerging. It is a possibility the weird objects are natural made, and There is a possibility that these objects fall short of “Nature”.

Is this object Made of rock, or is it remains from a skeletal body?  Perhaps it is a part from left-over machinery Martians once used.  I guess we will never know!

Hmm..  Tenticle like solids growing out of Mars? Well that what it appears to be to me.  Perhaps this is some strange rock, but It looks like something much more in my eyes.
This Skull picture Shows utter proof that there are hollow objects on Mars.  We all know Rocks are SOlid..  WHy is light peering through the eye-hole of this picture?

Is this a Naturally forming Flat Rock Chair?  Hmm..  I donno, I never seen a Rock so perfectly formed before in all my life.  It looks as if it was Carved to fit a person sitting down.  You can tell this chair is flipped backwards.  Amazing

Same pic as above but with inverted colors and flipped to normal position. 

The amazing Foot on Mars is spectacular..  Why does the toe section have little ripple ridges in it?  How the heck was this rock naturally made?