Using Meditation to Calm the Mind Part 2

In this article, you are introduced to steps three to six of just one kind of meditation approach. Here, you will learn to recognize and respect your connection with all living things, as well as the rest of the world.

Step Three , Peace and Serenity

With this step, you will be using a little imagination. Place yourself in the shoes of a rock and imagine yourself in the middle of an ocean, where the waves rise and make contact on the sides of the rock (which is you). The rock is not affected by the waves. It remains calm, peaceful, and in the midst of tranquil surroundings.

Step Four , Becoming One”¦

As you enter the fourth step, you will come closer to realizing your oneness with all of the things around you, whether they are human, animal, or inanimate objects. At this point, you are not separate from others, and you must recognize that you and other living beings and beyond are all part of one all-encompassing whole. Those that follow meditation often learn that they are part of every man woman, and child. Animals and plants are also included in the big picture.

Once you focus on this part of the meditation, your heart will fill with a great love, compassion, and kindness. Some people state that after entering this state of meditation, they are aware of every aspect of life, and feel guilty at the mere thought of harming another living entity , even killing a bug.

Fifth Step , Beyond Your Physical

The fifth step focuses on meditation regarding your immortality. After the fourth step, your eyes have been opened to the fact that you are not only attached to your physical body, but also connected to everything else in the world. Tell yourself that after your physical body has succumbed to death, you are not affected. You will continue to live on, in every drop of water, pinch of dirt, and every burst of sunlight. Tell yourself that death cannot touch you, which makes you immortal. If you are able to become one with all of the living things that surround you, then you can also live through other living creatures.

Step Six , Breaths of Peace and Happiness

Breathe out at this point, focusing on thoughts of peace, happiness, and positivity to all in the world. Send good vibes out to all that they are happy and full of peace. Breathe in and out, taking turns wishing well to those who live in the North, South, East, and West. At the end of this meditation session, you should feel refreshed. As you get up from your meditative position, you should feel happier, as well as full of peace and harmony.