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You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like flowers. A flower can bring joie de vive, a beatific smile or a deep sense of wellbeing. It depends on the flower, and you. Flowers are almost an essential for the “occasions”. A wedding, birthday or even a funeral ”“ flowers mark the occasion in some way. Needless to say, I like flowers””all flowers! While attending a wedding a little while ago, I was dazzled by an exotic flower arrangement. The designer had really gone all out. Flowers of different colors and kinds were placed elegantly and with a touch of class. The most surprising part was that even after the ceremony and the party, the flowers were as fresh as newly plucked buds from the plant. Out of my curiosity I tried to pluck one flower and I was shocked that it wasn’t a real rose. It was a silk flower. Can a silk flower look so original? Wow! I mean that was an experience! I started exploring the silk flowers and found quite a few reasons to like the idea. There are other artificial flowers too like, velvet or thick cloth and paper flowers but they are no match to silk flowers. There are so many arguments in favor of using silk flowers than the actual thing. If one could discount the fact that these flowers don’t smell like real ones, the only difference would be that the silk flowers don’t lose their bloom. They look so shockingly real! They are easy on the pocketbook too. Nothing beats the fact the silk flowers remain fresh forever. Think of the possibilities. Now you can easily go on business trip or a vacation without worrying about caring and watering the plants. You can just dust them once a week and they’ll be as new as ever. I have a lot of silk flowers arranged in my house on different spots. They add color and life to a place. What I like most about them that I can see my favorite flower arrangement throughout the year despite the weather change. Like real flowers these flowers are not subject to weather change neither do I have to change the flower when the season changes. Gives the term “Forever Young” a new meaning. And there is every possible color and kind of flower so you don’t have to worry about finding your favorite flower. There is a huge variety available. Quality silk flowers look very real even on close examination. You can arrange these flowers the way you want and wherever you want. It can brighten up your house and office or even a hospital. You can place a simple stem-long flower or a bunch of assorted flowers in a corner, entryways and bedrooms. Or you can place them safely on the places where you are afraid of spilling water. Like glass tabletops or computer desk. For a more natural touch now there are few silk flowers “glass vases with water,” though the vases are actually acrylic and non-spill. Silk flowers are great as gifts. You can present your friend an ivory or red rose’s bouquet that will last for a lifetime. Could there be any better gift? The awesome quality and the unbeatable price of these flowers is allowing some creative and innovative settings. A good one that I recently saw is all about making the food look as good as it tastes. Imagine silk flowers on delectable desserts! Food, becomes a feast for the eyes in addition to the palate. It’s a prop that can make a ho-hum dinner into a fun creative experience. This is not something that need be left for trained professionals. Do try it at home. You may just be delighted by the results! For more information about silk flower visit http://www.classicalmesh.com/welcome.php  A flower arrangement reflects our thought processes–from simplistic to subtly complex. Jill Murtha hosts http://www.classicalmesh.com and expresses her passion for flowers, their arrangement through writing and discussion. She works for For Less Corporation at http://www.ixs.net  . Copyright Jill Murtha – http://www.classicalmesh.com