Chinese Astrology , Year of the Dragon

The Dragon is found in the fifth zodiac location in Chinese astrology. When compared to Western astrology, it is seen as the equivalent of Aries. In this article, you will learn more about the characteristics associated with the Dragon in Chinese astrology.

There is a reason why the symbol of the Dragon is used to represent a Chinese emperor. They are natural born leaders. They are the type of people that like to get things started and keep moving in a forward direction. This individual is thought to live with power and luck on their side. Most people look up to a Dragon for this reason.

Other personality traits of people born under the Year of the Dragon include:

”¢    Dragons tend to show characteristics of being an idealist or perfectionist. They hold onto the thought that they are perfect and do not have to bend to meet the expectations of others.

”¢    When a Dragon sees something that they want, they go after it with aggression and determination.

”¢    It is not uncommon to find a Dragon that is stubborn and irritable.

Traditional associations of the Dragon zodiac sign include the east-southeast direction, the month of April, the spring season, the element of wood, the birthstone of amethyst, and the color red. The sign is also associated with wheat and poultry.

Are You a Dragon?

You are born under the Year of the Dragon if your birthday falls within these dates in relation to your birth year:

1904: 16 Feb 1904 – 03 Feb 1905 (Wood)
1916: 03 Feb 1916 – 22 Jan 1917 (Fire)
1928: 23 Jan 1928 – 09 Feb 1929 (Earth)
1940: 08 Feb 1940 – 26 Jan 1941 (Metal)
1952: 27 Jan 1952 – 13 Feb 1953 (Water)
1964: 13 Feb 1964 – 01 Feb 1965 (Wood)
1976: 31 Jan 1976 – 17 Feb 1977 (Fire)
1988: 17 Feb 1988 – 05 Feb 1989 (Earth)
2000: 05 Feb 2000 – 23 Jan 2001 (Metal)
2012: 23 Jan 2012 – 09 Feb 2013 (Water)

Compatibility with Dragons

If the Dragon is looking for true love, they have a better chance choosing a Rat for their partner. A Rabbit and Dragon have the potential to make a fine team, while someone born under the sign of the Pig also provides an exceptional match. While they tend to have differences, the Monkey and Dragon union can thrive. A balanced yet passionately bankrupt relationship is formed when a Rooster and Dragon get together. A Goat mate creates stability when they meet up with a Dragon.

A good marriage can come out of a union between a Tiger and Dragon, even though they will have a few obstacles to overcome. It’s up in the air if a Dragon can make it work with a Snake. The Dragon may feel it’s love at first sight when they come in contact with a special Horse sign, but the relationship is most likely to fail because of clashing personality traits.

Since there is constant competition between the two, relationships between two Dragons are typically doomed to fail. Also, the Dragon tends to fight a lot with Oxen, so they do not make good love matches. It’s suggested to proceed with caution when entering a relationship with a Dog , most times, it is the latter who suffers.