Alien Encounter Terrifies Texas Family

This year has seen a resurgence of dramatic UFO and alien encounters the likes of which have not been seen in quite a while.  The latest report of a close encounter of the third kind with a race of grey “insect-like” beings was submitted to the UFO network a mere two days ago.  Its clarity and attention to detail were one of several factors that gave this story credibility, and it’s clear that the witnesses were understandably shaken by their encounter with forces beyond our understanding.

It all began Friday, with a rural Texas family, whose names shall remain anonymous to protect their identity.  The family was engaged in a barbecue to celebrate the birthday of a loved one when suddenly the reporting witness’ two nephews and niece suddenly burst into the house with a considerable amount of excitement declaring that a plane must have crashed into a nearby field.  As the witness, their brother, and three others at the party walked outside, they became immediately aware of the smell of burning mesquite which they concluded between them could have been coming from a nearby wood-burning stove or a campfire as their house was located near a collection of mesquite trees.

Soon, however, as they continued down the trail toward the clearing where the niece and nephews said the plane must have gone down they became aware of a luminous glow emanating from the distance, and they soon became very aware of the tactile sensation of a mysterious electrical energy in the very air around them.  As they crested the hill just beyond the clearing the source of the luminous light was soon discovered.  An oval object, perhaps 4-5 feet off the ground was hovering 40 feet wide in dimensions and mirror-like in its shininess.  The object was also giving off an intense blue glow that the witnesses noticed lit up the entire area around them.

As they huddled and watched in complete amazement at the soundless object, they soon saw two “strange men” walk from around the opposite side of the object quickly gathering something from the ground with long spindly wiry arms and large hands.  The creatures were described as “insect like” with massive black eyes that could have been “almost like a praying mantis” in appearance.  They were somewhere between three and four feet tall.

As the party watched in shocked silence, suddenly the witness’ young nephew crept up behind them and startled all those present by calling out “What are those things!” loudly.  With a sense of dread, they turned from the nephew to the creatures ahead of them, who were now staring at the group assembled.  As they stood there watching, the creatures walked back behind their ship, and it slowly and soundlessly hovered up into the sky without even swaying the cluster of surrounding mesquite trees with even a slight breeze.  Quickly it hovered away and soon disappeared.

The reporting witness was so shocked by their encounter, their opinion as a longtime skeptic changed within minutes.  “I never really believed in the subject of UFOs or Aliens,” the witness said, “but after the events of this night, I’m seriously going to re-evaluate that belief.”  2009 has seen a significant increase in the number, and dramatic nature of UFO encounters in Texas.