Ancient Alien Abduction

We often see alien abduction as a contemporary phenomenon, happening mostly in the last sixty or seventy years with a few trace cases reaching back into antiquity all the way to the middle ages.  But examination of cave paintings depicted by the Tassili suggest the phenomenon may be far older and more widespread than we ever understood before.  Were there cases of ancient alien abductions?  Let’s turn back the clock and take a look.

The paintings, shared by the UFO Iconoclast(s) in a recent article depict a woman being led by mysterious figures toward a large spherical object located  nearby.  The creatures involved look roughly humanoid except for a helmet which appears very similar to one commonly portrayed as an extraterrestrial space helmet.  The level of technology involved is far simpler in these paintings, with the alleged creatures requiring breathing apparatus or some sort of space helmet – possibly in order to survive Earth’s atmosphere.  The woman is depicted with no exaggerated features, simply as a human figure being led by the hand.  Was this a scene the painter saw with his own eyes?

Looking back throughout history, however, there are several cases where beings from somewhere else – often the sky or deep underground have taken humans captive.  Occasionally these people are returned, but other times they are never seen again.

Followers of the ancient alien phenomenon often recall the story of Ezekial’s wheel in which several mysterious creatures boarded a “wheel” which was raising and lowering in the sky.  Was Ezekial’s wheel a simpler interpretation of the more modern flying saucer?  But there is another account, this one coming from Matthew, that described the B’nai Elohim that took the daughters of Adam and brought forth a race of powerful beings which existed alongside the human race at its earliest stages.  Is this a purely apocryphal tale?  Or does it describe the presence of an ancient race of beings engaged in the same genetic gathering practices that are spoken of today in alien abduction accounts?

If we accept the possibility that ancient aliens may have once roamed this Earth, manipulating the human race and interacting with them, then it may be worth also examining the motivations of these ancient races and how they may coincide with current motivations.  If the human element has always been a common factor, then whatever crisis these ancient aliens had at the time has not been solved through technology in the past few thousand years – meaning it may be around a bit longer.

Imagine the apprehension people may have felt seeing creatures from the heavens suddenly diving down into their village and taking people aboard their vessels.  Of course it may not have been quite the way it is now.  Accounts and pictographs of ancient rituals, now considered apocryphal show people being chosen or sacrificed to these entities.  Is it possible these ancient beings even used the governments of ancient civilizations to achieve the cooperation or acceptance of their visits?