Some UFO Accounts

Three star tells all………. While I was in Phoenix Arizona, at the
Alternate Alien and New Age convention, I met Tim, (Mr.. UFO Beckley) the author
of the UFO Magazine, called UFO UNIVERSE. He seems like a very nice person, and
I enjoy reading his magazine. One of the articles in his Oct-Nov 1991 issue of
his magazine, had to do with an unidentified 3 star general. Here are some of
the points he made; In regards to the book, (The Roswell Incident) I was given some articles to look at, and was asked to participate in the “AWARENESS PROGRAM”, which is a means of disseminating alien contact to the public.

Although I had turned this down, I later was shown some articles, a tape and still photographs. In these I saw the alien craft, the frozen alien bodies,
(from the Roswell site) and the live alien which is a guest of the US

There have been several UFO crashes over the years. The aliens
really have no “invasion” planned for this planet. They have visited on and off
here, for thousands of years. Our US guest is over 300 years old. The aliens use
about 55% of their brain capacity, or ability; they do have DNA. The alien which
is a guest of the US Government, is 5″3 tall, weighs 96 lbs., has a large head (hairless) and large slanted eyes. Some of the aliens abilities include moderate telepathy and telekinesis. Cattle, as well as humans have been used in alien and
US research for various biological applications. Most humans are not hurt in the
research and experimentation. Some however have died due to complications and
downright carelessness. Several cross breed young have been born to both human
females and alien females. We humans are fully biological with most visiting
aliens. Some we are not.  (more than one type or species has visited our
planet) The US and Britain have made a secret treaty agreement, with the aliens,
in exchange for technology, and so-called “recon” missions, during times of
human conflict. Aliens agree to stay out of human wars, and not to interfere
with society. Also, there are special “teams” which are designated to,
eradicate, discredit, harass and trump-up charges to control those humans which
experience contacts or visitations from aliens, including also those who make
verifiable sightings. The alien crafts have been more-or-less copied by top
scientific experts, and are functional. The Awareness Program (mentioned before)
was designed to inform the public gradually, in a systematic, logical way. This
is a joint governmental-and-alien program. It is coupled with the increased
alien-human abductions and contacts. If done correctly there will be little or
no panic or resistance. The worlds governments will retain control, avoiding
chaos. In some of the reports it was noted that our children were mentioned as
some of the cargo on the alien space crafts. There are over a million missing
children every year in the US alone. The aliens take about 2,200 a year from the
US and other countries combined. The rest of the children are due to mankind’s
Dark side. The children are used in several ways; Biological, to educate and
return; Experimentation, disease study, the same as adults. Implants are being
used on the humans taken aboard the alien crafts and returned. Some of these
implants are microscopic in size, and smaller) which influence the growth
function and learning capabilities of the individuals.

The A.P. (Awareness
Program) calls for the funding of movies, television series and specials, and
books. These will be about friendly alien contacts. There are disks, triangles
and oblong-shaped craft. They range from 30 ft, for the smaller recon disc, to
over 730 ft, for the larger mother disc, (or flying saucers, if you will…) The
triangle shaped craft are 210 ft. in diameter. The oblong shaped craft is the
really big one of the 3. The only one ever found by the military was in the late
60’s; it measured 1,100 ft. long with a circumference of 310 ft. There is some
noise made, however, all craft are almost totally silent. In closing, these are
my words; (John Winston) “These people which were picked up at the Roswell are
not my first choice of space peoples to cooperate with. Ike turned down my
friend, Valiant Thor, from Venus, so I guess I will have to work with the space
peoples our government has chosen.” As the uneducated person who cussed all the
time was sent to England to be educated and saw a group of bow-legged cowboys
for the first time, I’ll leave you with this saying; “Low and behold what fools
are these who wear their legs in parentheses.” this is being posted by Don
Showen for John Winston. I am not Don. Don is not me.

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Subject: The
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SUBJECT: MEN IN BLACK . . . In the past , a certain number of people often come
around , they ask people who see space crafts all sorts of questions, then after
they get the information they would threaten them with everything in the book ,
if they didn’t shut up about the sighting. They were called “THE MEN IN BLACK” because they wore black suits and drove black cars. My teacher once told me not
to attack them because they would just do away with me. He said that my elder
brothers would take care of them. Due to the fact that the information is coming
out about them now, it seems that it should be O.K. for me to repeat the
information, so here goes; They are from the Sirius star system. Although most
of the “good” type beings are from that system, such as Kadar, they refer to the
men in black’s planet as a rather , unsightly planet;; and from their frame of
reference, they do not claim them to be their own, but they must acknowledge
that they are, even within their dimension, located within our system. They do
have the ability to change alter their appearances, some-what,. Our U.S.
government is now cooperating with the Sirians; and the question was asked, what
is the power that the entire government has to go along with them? They have
weapon sources, (I must circumspect…) that are believed by the powers on this
planet, to be absolutely dominating. In other words, the government believes
they are looking down the barrel of a very big gun. The Sirians are in the
second dimension soon to go into the third. We are in the third, soon to go into
the fourth. The Sirians are trying to prevent us from going into the fourth
dimension. The negative Sirians are involved with these cattle mutilations
because of their desire create a species that can perpetuate itself in the
harshest of conditions. The people from Zeta Reticuli aren’t doing the
mutilations, but the “primitive” Zeta Reticulans, which are from (what we would
consider) to be from the the past, (please don’t ask me to explain! J.W) are
helping the Sirians. One of the beings that was being interviewed while he was
asleep is called B’zal. You talk about a tough dude. . . He would make the worst
person on earth look like Mr. Rogers. I’ll leave you with this saying; A political expert is one who tells you what will happen tomorrow, then tells you why it didn’t. This is being posted for Don Showen for John Winston. I am not Don. Don is not me. From [email protected] Sun Jan 12 13:19:08


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………… In the winter issue of UFO Magazine, I found some information that
comes from an unidentified space entity (seems like everyone wants to remain
unidentified now) One of the subjects covered was killer whales. I’ve been a
skin diver before and most people know that the dolphin will not hurt a person
swimming. As for the killer whale and white shark it is quite a different story.
This information given, is according to the space person; A few years back the
were a pair of Orcas, (killer whales) the female had gone to the beach to die,
while the male stayed in shallow water to wait.  A man came along and attempted
to get the female turned around and back into deep waters, but she died anyway.
The male orca became grief stricken, staying in the shallow water. The man then
made a fence around the male orca and got in beside him and pushed food into
it’s mouth. After quite a while, the orca did finally get better. The man
removed the fence when he saw this had attracted other humans, and let the orca
go free. This orca communicated with the other orcas and now are aware of the
good thing the human did. From here on out we are off of the orcas menu. It has
been recommended that we turn loose all killer whales, and dolphins after no
more than three years, and we will no longer have to capture them. Incidentally
whales didn’t evolve on earth .

And if you are awed by the gap in the human
evolutionary history, you will find even larger a gap in theirs. Killer whales
and dolphins navigate by echo location, like highly developed sonar. Sound
waves are sent out and the returning echoes are interpreted to produce and
incredibly detailed three dimensional picture. By vocally mimicking the sound
of the returning echoes, these mammals can communicate pictures back and forth,
like verbal television, complete with dialog.   When you enter the
water with a killer whale, you won’t have to open your mouth to have your teeth
examined. . . The orcas sonar vision sees beyond the surface, so that it can see
the remains of your meal, just as easily as it can see your fingernails. you
can’t hide something from a killer whale just by putting it behind your back !!
It can see into you through your closed fist. The orcas can pinpoint a tumor,
exactly, wherever it is in your body; it can swim around you, and can see it
from every possible angle. It can see your circulatory system, in detail, as
well as spot blood clots and aneurysms. Because it can sense differences in
pressure within the body, it could so also diagnose glaucoma, appendicitis, or
inflamed tonsils. Establishing communication with the orcas will greatly advance
all medicine, (evolved to that point) tremendously; not only because they
already possess incredible diagnostic abilities, but also a sophisticated
medical knowledge that is marine based and hence totally different from human
pharmacology. Now I will give you some information from Earth Conventional
Science; From the OCT. 15th 1991 issue, dolphins are mentioned. Dr. Samuel
Dreiden, President of Stanford medical institute, says this; “We’ve known for a
long time that dolphins can sense when a human body is suffering from some
ailment or injury.” This group has already enrolled a number of dolphins. Dr.
Dreiden sees a time when one can go in to swim for an hour or so, then after you
come out, they will communicate your medical problem to a human physician who
would treat you. Now, these are my words; “Dolphins have been known to cure
tumors in humans, cause barren women to conceive, help handicapped children to overcome depression, and they are definitely our friends, if we would deal friendly with them. I’ll leave you with this saying; “The first art of being a
parent consists in sleeping when the baby isn’t looking. This is being posted by
Don Showen for John Winston. I am not Don, Don is not me.