Witness Describes Bizarre Creature in California

There are several schools of thought on the prospect of alien visitors.  Of course the very concept of an alien is a very generalized idea.  And when the possibility is opened up for one alien race, perhaps there are other possibilities as well.  Of course with possibilities this wide, it’s difficult to imagine witnesses of only one type of creature.  It is with this in mind that we hear a story from Victorville California of a woman who in the late hours of the night spotted a bizarre creature near her home.

At 2:00 AM, one woman whose name shall remain anonymous was awakened by her dogs at the door wishing to be let out.  She took them outside, and waited at the door as they sniffed around the yard and then suddenly stopped and started to growl.  She stepped forward, curious by what had suddenly caused them to grow so hostile so suddenly.

The witness describes a huddled figure on the other side of the yard that suddenly rose up with a dark cape around it.  According to the description given, the creature was not only massive, but incredibly thin as the cloak it was wearing swirled around it.

The creature had large green eyes which she stared at getting increasingly terrified as the two dogs began barking madly at the creature.  Thinking of the safety of her dogs, the witness yelled for her dogs to return and get inside the house.

It then stood up and hovered on an invisible cushion toward her slowly.  She ran inside and remained there until morning, at which point she returned outside and looked for the creature thinking she would find something.  She attempted to look for some evidence that the creature had been there the night before, but could find nothing.  That night, however, she decided to take the dogs outside earlier in the night at around eleven and was relieved that she once again didn’t see the creature.  As she stood watching, however, her gaze turned suddenly upward where she noticed the stars directly above her were significantly brighter than any others in the area and realized that the lights she was seeing were not stars at all, but rather some form of camouflage beneath a large object she couldn’t fully see hovering just above her.  She described the size of the object as roughly that of a football field remaining stationary in the sky immediately above her.

She could see the outline of the vessel clearly as a line.  As she continued to watch she suddenly felt a sharp stabbing pain in her abdomen.  Her mind became confused, and the witness is convinced that something was attempting to get her to go back inside or else something bad would happen to her.

In the aftermath of her sighting she was hospitalized and became convinced that she had been telepathically attacked and told to go back inside and reports that ever since the incident she has had some difficulty with her memory.  The witness reports she is only 48 years old and is far too young to be experiencing Alzheimer’s or any similar disease.  The witness reports that at one time she had been interested in the subject of UFOs and the paranormal, but this experience had since turned her away from the subject.