Exploring the Haunted University of North Alabama

If you get a chance to visit Florence (located in Alabama), you will come close to a wide-range of ghostly encounters and scary tales. For instance, you will encounter what is known as Ghost Bridge, which has a history that can be traced back to the Civil War. It is said that a runaway slave was hung from the bridge, which has been the sight of numerous ghostly sightings. In this article, you will learn about the scary tales associated with the University of North Alabama.


Florence is also home to the University of North Alabama, where ghosts and other strange happenings affect a variety of locations associated with the campus. At the Guillot University Center, a dormitory for girls once thrived in the same place. The dorm was in existence when the university was known as the Florence State Teacher’s College. Apparently, during the early part of the 1900s, a student attending the college, who lived in the dorm, was said to possess a deep and serious secret. The torment became too much for her to bear that she actually committed suicide by hanging herself from the elevator shaft located in the tower of the building. To this day, the secret has never surfaced or why she believed it was so terrible that she had to kill herself. It is said that late at night, security guards patrolling the building have heard noises that sounded like a body was located at the end of a rope. Today, the Guillot Center stands in place of the dorm, but strange sounds still come from the second floor.
The Norton Auditorium also holds its own tale. It is believed to serve as the haunting grounds of a ghost that is known as “George.” The ghost is said to be that of a construction worker, who was lending his services to the building. At the time, he fell from the scaffold he was working on and met with his death. Some believe they can hear him as if he is traveling about the catwalk.

At the Off Campus Bookstore, the upstairs window is the sight where the ghost of a young girl is said to dwell, as she looks down below. During the late 1930s or early 1940s, the girl, whose name was Molly, lived in the same building with her parents. When she turned 11, for her birthday, her parents bought her a puppy, but soon after the young dog contracted rabies and bit the girl on the hand. In a week’s time, the girl had lost her life. To this day, many believe that her ghost has been sighted on numerous occasions.

In the University of North Alabama area, you may encounter Weslyan, where the ghost of a Civil War general’s son is said to haunt the vicinity. On Waterloo Road, there was an old bridge named One Lane, which was positioned over Cypress Creek. The son is said to have jumped head first into the water from the bridge and drowned as a result. This all took place a couple of minutes from the campus and to this date, some believe that they may encounter the wet footsteps of the son during the middle of the night.