Haunted Cemeteries in Alabama III

Two local ghost hunters led an investigation of the old cemetery called Mount Pisgah Cemetery (in Gadsdenwhere) and took pictures that revealed orbs and light strands in the vicinity. If you’re interested in exploring the graveyard for yourself, you will find it about 8 miles down Tabor Road , across from Mount Pisgah Church. This article will also include information on the haunted Boyington Oak Cemetery in Moble and the Bishop’s Graveyard in Guntersville.

Boyington Oak , Mobile

Located behind the main branch of the Mobile library, you will find an old cemetery with an oak tree that sprung forth out of the grave of a man named Boyington. As the story goes, the African American man was unjustly accused of a crime and then executed. As he faced his own death, his last words were supposedly that an oak tree would grow from his grave and serve as a sign of his innocence. Some people who have encountered the tree believe that strange noises surround it.

Bishop’s Graveyard , Guntersville

Strange things have been known to occur at the Bishop’s Graveyard, such as the photographic oddities that have appeared in developed pictures for visitors. Mists and orbs have been reported.

Maple Hill Cemetery , Huntsville

In Huntsville, this cemetery is home to the ghost of an elderly woman who passed away and was placed in the family burial house. Along with her body, they left her antique rocking chair in the crypt since it was one of her most prized possessions. It is said that when you stand outside of the burial house, you will hear the sound of a rocking chair moving back and forth.

Red Eagle Gravesite , Little River

Legend has it that the place where the Indian Red Eagle and his mother are buried is haunted. If you venture out into the graveyard late at night, you may catch sight of Native Americans dancing about the grave and the oak tree that grows out of the gravesite.

Crestwood Cemetery , Gadsden

In the past, this cemetery was once a plantation that carries a cruel legacy. Onlookers who come to visit the graves of their family have reported seeing the sight of a slave hanging from a tree. Some of the witnesses claim that they also saw the men responsible for hanging the slave, as well as their ghostly dogs.

Old Walkers Chapel Cemetery , Fultondale

There have been reports of ‘something’ grabbing at the feet of visitors and trying to pull them into a grave. At times, people have claimed that shoes are pulled off of feet.

Fort Crawford Cemetery , East Brewton

Paying a visit to the cemetery at night (between 11pm and 12pm), you may hear the laughter of children or spot the shadow of a black figure that wanders about the cemetery. In the park, the ghost of a confederate soldier may appear sometime between midnight and 3am. Some claim that if you stick around long enough, he may ask if you have seen his gun.