Haunted Cemeteries in New York State 1

At the Widow Susan Cemetery, tales surround the site as a place that affects cars in the weirdest way. For starters, people have been making their way to the top of the hill before you reach the cemetery to try out a superstition. In this article, you will learn more about the superstition and other ghostly encounters found in haunted cemeteries in New York State.


Turn off your car headlights and coast down the hill, chanting Widow Susan three times before turning on your lights and making your way into the cemetery. Supposedly, cars have not started after this antic and some people have reported encountering something that tries to open car doors from the outside. Some people claim that unexplainable writing on their cars had appeared.


The eerie happenings at Jacksonville Cemetery in Baldwinsville have quite a reputation for spooking out visitors. If you visit the back of the cemetery, people have reported seeing weird things, including a stream in the back of the woods that seems to pull you in. Strange sounds are heard at night and some people claim to have encountered a mysterious cat with glowing green eyes. Some people believe they have seen a teenage girl roaming around the cemetery at night, as if she is lost and looking for something. It is not uncommon for gunshots and unexplainable screams to be heard as well.


Head for North Chodikee Lake Road to reach Washington Cemetery , an old gravesite located close to a farm that dates back to the 1800s. The scariness that surrounds this region is the numerous reports of sightings involved a family that seems to walk about the front of the road, signaling people to stop. People claim that these apparitions will pass through a car, an occurrence usually reported to take place between 12 and 3am.

Staten Island

A visit to the Moravian Cemetery on Richmond Road places you close to the Vanderbilt Tomb. It is said that if you take a photo at the tomb, additional unknown figures will appear when the film is developed. Sometimes, the tomb appears in a photo and the images of the people are nowhere to be found after development.


The Elmlawn Cemetery is known as a place to see orbs at night, especially when driving by the graveyard. Unidentified lights are commonplace at the cemetery, which often appear inside the grounds. The best time to catch sight of this phenomenon is to pay a visit between midnight and 3am. Another tale associated with the Elmlawn Cemetery involves a young woman who had just married the love of her life in the church situated close to the cemetery. While she was crossing the street to arrive at her ‘marriage’ carriage, she was struck and instantly killed by a different carriage. Some people believe that her ghost can be seen crossing the street after dark.