UFO Explosion Rocks Houses in Missouri

Two witnesses, whose names will be changed to protect their identities (Rachel and Brian)  were praying in their home just northeast of the city of Independence when a sudden explosion rocked their house and effectively interrupted them.  The event occurred just after 3:00 PM on September 30th just last month.

Neighbors also were summoned outside by the strange explosion.  While a plane crash was suspected, or possibly the sonic boom of an unknown plane suddenly achieving faster than sound speeds, the object was never spotted by witnesses.  Several days earlier, Rachel, while returning to her house from work spotted a strange object hovering above their house.  The “unconventional aircraft” was hovering above her when she noticed it, and it gradually coasted away.  A nearby neighbor did, during the explosion, notice a flash of light whose brilliance lit up the whole sky exactly when the boom was happening, suggesting it may have been an actual fiery explosion and, judging from the sound and its closeness to the flash of light, it must have been quite close.  There have been no reports of downed aircraft or mining explosions in the area, and surely any such news would have made it into the mainstream media.

Interestingly, there have been several UFO sightings recently in the area, less than ten miles away from the site of the horrific explosion, though no comment has been made by any official authorities on the matter as to their nature.  It is currently unknown if the objects seen were terrestrial in nature, although the flash of light and the boom do not necessarily rule out a secret crashed object.  A meteor could have theoretically created a similar explosion, but this doesn’t explain the object seen hovering somewhere over Rachel, or the other UFO sightings in the area, which were reported again and again.

In St. Louis a triangular shaped craft was seen hovering low overhead at night by witnesses who say the object moved without a sound before turning north and vanishing into the oblivious night sky.  In Cape Gerardo, just north of St. Louis a couple spotted several balls of light that converged before floating up into the sky and disappearing with a flash.  And just yesterday several UFOs reportedly were caught on cell phone video as the objects soared northbound before vanishing.  The videos were reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), but no videos have been uploaded by those reporting it.  Of course given the shaky quality of camera phones, and their inability to accurately capture sky-bound objects, it is unlikely the footage would serve as anything more than evidence that the viewers saw “something.”

These recent sightings coincide with similar reports being submitted across the  Midwest.  There have been several UFO reports over the past few days, and with the intensity increasing each day, there is no sign they will let up any time soon.  We can only watch the skies and wonder what will happen next.