Haunted Spots of Derby, England: Silk Mill

If you are interested in paying a visit to what is thought as the most haunted city in England, consider Derby, which has been dubbed the “Ghost Capital of England.” There’s a lot of landmarks, buildings, and locations that the locals are well aware of when it comes to things that send chills up and down your spine. For this reason, a lot of tourists come to take tours and glance at some off-the-beaten path sites filled with both historical and paranormal intrigue.

Silk Mill

Built in 1717, the Silk Mill served as the first factory constructed in England. Standing on the banks of the River Derwent, the mill is the setting for a tale of industrial spies centered in the world of silk making. It is said that the first industrial spy in the world traveled to Livorno, Italy to steal patterns for creating silk- throwing machines. Lombe infiltrated the business and spent his days working on the machines. However, when the sun set, he would copy down their plans, hiding them in bales of silk marked for England. Agents working for his father later retrieved the plans and transported them to Derby.

The old Guildhall in Derby was the site where the silk-throwing machines were constructed until they later found their own home in the first purpose-built factory in England. Lombe was able to return home, but sadly, as legend has it , met his match with death, when he was poisoned by an Italian assassin only three years after his escape. Apparently, the Italians exacted their revenge.

In 1910, the Silk Mill burned to the ground with only the bell tower left. The tower is believed haunted by a young boy who was kicked down the stairs when an overseer deemed him not working hard enough. Sadly, children as young as the age of seven worked at the silk mill in the past, keeping hours that started at 5am and ended at 7pm. Some locals believe they have heard the cries of the little boy whose sounds have been heard at the foot of the stairs, as he bled to death.

Georgian House Hotel

The building that houses the Georgian House Hotel is believed to have been the work of a naval officer who served under Admiral Nelson. At one point, it also served as the home of a governor associated with the old Derbyshire County Gaol in Vernon Street. Locals have reported to seeing the ghostly image of a man that is wearing a blue suit and likes to stand on the stairs and in the area surrounding the hallway.

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