The Blue Lady of Berry Pomeroy: Part 1

Berry Pomeroy CastleDressed in a lengthy blue cape and hood, the Blue Lady has been a common fixture throughout the history of the Berry Pomeroy Castle. This ghostly temptress has been known to entice men to enter unsafe sections of the castle, ultimately facing unfortunate circumstances. In this article, we will explore the story behind the Blue Lady and who she is believed to be.

When tracing the story of the Blue Lady, we are taken to the time period of the early 18th century, where many believe the identity of the ghost is revealed. A majority of locals feel that the Blue Lady is the spirit of the daughter of a Norman Lord, who possessed a closer relationship than just parent and child.

There are two main versions of this tale. The first suggests that the two shared a mutual sexual relationship, which resulted in the birth of a child between the two of them. The second version weaves a tale where the father raped his daughter, which led to her impregnation. In either version, after the baby was born, the Lord’s daughter strangled it to death while they were in one of the upper rooms located in The Tower.

After her death, she is said to be a restless soul for the act she committed against her child. Witnesses claim to have spotted her spirit moving about in concern and distress. Some have even reported to hear the cries of the murdered baby that may occur about various parts of the castle.

During the 18th century, Sir Walter Farquhar was a surgeon at the time. He wrote a diary, which contains details on his ghostly encounters while on the grounds of Berry Pomeroy. In his youth, he resided and practiced in Torquay. One day, he was called to the castle so that he may examine the very sick wife of the steward. As he waited to see the ill woman, he was led to a room, which offered a staircase that led to numerous rooms about the castle.

Admiring his surroundings, he saw an attractive woman enter the room. She looked quite distressed and paid no attention to the presence of the doctor. Passing by him, she walked up the stairs to the upstairs room. He watched her as she climbed up the stairs, pausing, then looked at him with a sad state of affairs written across her face. What happened next is something that the young doctor would never forget. The woman soon passed through the door in front of the doctors disbelieving eyes. At this moment, Farquher was unaware of the tales connected to the Blue Lady. He also had no clue that the woman had disappeared into the same room that she had committed murder.

To view the conclusion to this tale, as well as learn of the tale of a man who lived to tell about his encounter with the distraught ghost, seek out Part Two of The Blue Lady of Pomeroy.