Should Homeless and Druggies Be Jailed?

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Human Evolution in the Modern World

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People from all over the countryside who have serious drug problems often end up in big cities where there are many shelters and free food. Since any money they get goes first to feeding their drug /alcohol habits, they can’t afford to feed, clothe or house themselves, and people I’ve met on the streets have even told me that they quite literally wouldn’t be able to survive anywhere else. Since they are unwilling to get help with their addictions and get their lives back together and become productive members of society, they are, in a sense, unable to work.

So out of religious compassion and humanity, they are allowed to live, even though human nature has deemed them unworthy of life, and if it was allowed to run its natural course, all these people would be dead. Indeed, they represent the metaphorical excrement of humanity that has no or few core values or beliefs and wants to give nothing to the world; most of them live only for themselves and think and live on a level of midaeval superstition with primeval hatreds and fears. Their alienation from the rest of a society that is steadily increasing its wealth and growing technologically and becoming more globally interdependent will only increase as time goes on. Also, without free meals and shelter, there would be much more desperation and hence, violence. So the real reason they are kept alive isn’t the religious sanctity of all human life, I don’t think; what they are doing is blackmailing the rest of society with the crime and violence that would exist if they weren’t being taken care of.

Of course this “threat”, if it can be called that, could be eliminated if they were all rounded up and murdered, or put in jail or mental institutions. This is where the issue of evolution comes into play. If all the unproductive (lifelong unproductive) people were put into institutions with gender segregation, making procreation impossible, then the human race would be allowed to evolve. Therefore there should be a worldwide law that says anyone who is deemed to be unemployable (who isn’t merely physically disabled) throughout their life has forfeited their right to have children (necessitating the forfeiting also of their right to be with women, by forfeiting their right to freedom in general) and must be commited to a gender segregated institution until they can prove that they are employable (or at least willing to work and/or look for work). Hence their genes would be kept away from the gene pool and the human race would forever be cleansed of its negative destructive elements that counter the tide of evolution and overall growth.

These institutions needn’t have harsh conditions; actually there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be luxurious. The state money given to building and maintaining luxurious jails would be more than reimbursed by the money saved in the prevention of drug-related crime and that which is no longer needed to raise and care for the children of drug-addicted parents and the parents themselves. The initial cost to build such institutions would be large, but after a few generations, as those who weren’t meant to be in the gene pool die out, their numbers and the size of the “inmates” and staff will shrink down to a small core establishment.

Since there would be no illegal drugs allowed, they should be therapeutic enough to make many employable again (earning them their freedom). But many of these people see their lives as burdens in themselves, and value happiness and safety more than freedom or the progress of humanity anyway. These are the ones whom nature has produced erratically and whom should simply not procreate. Critics who would claim that such a plan is reminiscent of Nazi eugenics would find it difficult to argue against the genocide of a herd who would likely be, more or less, happy with their new fate.