The Role of Fish in Superstitions III

Fishermen who believe in certain superstitions will pay attention to a range of factors before and during their fishing trip. They will look at the size of the fish jumping out of the water. They will use all sorts of bait to maximize their chances of catching the next big thing. In this article, you will encounter a variety of fishing superstitions.
Big Fish
You’d think that seeing a large fish jump up is a good sign for fishermen, but some people feel it is a sign of bad luck.
Fishing Party
If you attend a fishing party, it is believed that the first individual to reel in a fish will enjoy good luck for the day.
Fishermen who talk while fishing are less likely to bring home a lot of catches because the creatures can hear you and will not bite.
Your Bait
Fishermen often try to maximize their chances of success during a trip with the types of bait they select. It is said that using grasshoppers for bait will increase your chances of catching a fish that weighs 2 to 3 pounds.

If you’re looking to catch sunfish or perch, some believe you should use salty pork for bait.  
A suggestion for good bait to catch carp is dough balls.

Send your bait in deep if you are interested in catching rough fish, such as cat, buffalo, sturgeon or carp. To snag game fish, it is suggested to send your bait into shallow waters.

When baiting your hook with a worm, some believe that it is bad luck to use your left hand.

If you’re looking for a way to catch bass, some believe you can achieve this feat by attaching cigarette paper on your hook and walking back and forth while the line is in the water.

Your Faithful Companion

It is said that taking along a dog during a fishing trip brings bad luck.


Some believe that if you allow your shadow to fall on the water while fishing, you will scare off the fish.

No Show and Tell

There is a superstition that if you reveal how many fish you have caught during a fishing trip, it is considered bad luck.
Use Nice Words
Some people believe that the person that uses curse words while fishing will not have a good day filled with catches.
To excite the fish and make them more apt to bite, some believe tossing a pebble into the water will do the trick.

Some believe that the number of hooks on your line can affect your luck. It is said that a fish will not bite if there is an odd number of hooks , so aim for an even number.
Your Pocket
There is a superstition that says if you turn your pocket inside out, you will catch plenty of catfish.
If you see a small minnow jump out of the water on your day of fishing, it is said to be a sign of good luck and that you will come home with plenty of fish.
Some say that if you hear an owl hoot during the day, it will be a good time to fish for catfish.
A Looking Glass
There is a superstition that if you have an old looking glass in your possession, you can use it to your advantage. Hold it up to the sun and you may blind the fish , making it easier to catch them with your hands.
Fish Fins
Some believe that it is bad luck to have a fish’s fin hit against your skin , you may not catch any more for the rest of the day.