Planets and Crystals Part 1

When it comes to crystals, there are certain properties that each contains, as well as the kind of uses that people associate with them. In this article, we will focus on some of the crystals that are connected to the planets, the Moon and the Sun, including Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter.




The garnet is usually seen as a red mineral, but it may also come as a raspberry, pink, or green specimen. This particular mineral is often attached to the topic of health, and has been used by others to extract negative energy from the chakras. The stone is connected to the subject of commitment to oneself, as well as others. The garnet is a crystal that is known to reflect understanding and warmth. It is also a mineral that encourages development and the movement of the kundalini (a Sanskrit word that refers to a “snake energy or power”. The Sun, Mars, and Saturn are connected to this type of crystal.




Malachite is a mineral that is popularly connected to ushering money into the hands of whoever holds this particular stone. As one of the oldest known stone associated with healing, it is a crystal believed to achieve a wide-range of power levels. Some people turn to this crystal in order to heal the heart that has been wounded by a negative relationship.


When it comes to the mining of malachite, large quantities of the mineral has been found in the Urals, as well as about Russia, Mexico, England, New South Wales, and throughout the southwestern part of the United States. Malachite is forest green in color and may have darker green stripes as part of its appearance. Vulcan, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are connected to this type of crystal. It is believed that malachite has been mined and smelted for more than 3,000 years at Timna, Israel, a location that is often referred to as King Solomon’s Mines.




Lapis is a mineral that is often seen as a symbol of power and royalty that has lasted since ancient civilizations. When turning to this type of crystal, the capability to cleanse the mental and spiritual realm of a person is attached to the mineral. It is also known to open the 3rd eye. Some people know the crystal as an object that can draw the mind inward to locate its own source of power and strength. The color of lapis ranges from a light blue shade to azure with specks of pyrite located in the matrix. Venus and Uranus are connected to this type of crystal.




Turquoise is a mineral that works wonders in opening the heart and throat chakras. The crystal is believed to connect an individual to the earth, as well as the energy that can be found throughout the universe. As the mineral strengthens the ability for a person to give and receive, it is also seen as a stone that is full of balance. The mineral is also connected to protection and love. The turquoise to greenish shade of the crystal is one that makes the specimen highly attractive to the eye. Venus, the Moon, and Neptune are connected to this type of crystal.