Using Visualization To Achieve Goals: Steps 3 &4

In the first steps of using visualization as a tool of empowerment, we saw how setting goals and accepting responsibility will aid in the process. In this article, we will explore how achieving mental relaxation brings about positive change within your life, as well as ways to enjoy a successful process if you are having trouble experiencing any changes after following all of the steps.


Step 3: Achieving Mental Relaxation


For any self-improvement process to truly work its magic, a relaxed state is one of the best ways to achieve your goals. Not only does this clear the path towards the subconscious mind, but also how many times have you failed to accomplish a task while under extreme pressure or stress? Frustration only delays all of the positive things that can come from self-improvement techniques, such as visualization. When it comes to reaching this relaxed mental state, there is a wide-range of tips to consider.


When you are situated within a comfortable, quiet place, your body, as well as mind can feel closer to achieving relaxation. This might include reclining in your favorite chair or even lying down on your bed, surrounding by scented candles and soft pillows. For some, getting comfortable means actually following the old saying “slipping into something a bit more comfortable.” Clothing is a great way to achieve relaxation, especially if they are loose fitting.


When it comes to your arms and legs, they should be uncrossed, which allows the blood to circulate and flow in a positive manner. The way that you breathe affects the way the process of visualization will take it hold. Focusing on a variety of breathing techniques is a good way to awaken what is called the “vagus nerve,” which is responsible for quieting the insides of the body.


Step 4: Getting Down to Business


In the larger scope of things, using visualization to achieve healing of the mind, body and soul is quite an easy process to undertake. After achieving an acceptable level of relaxation, the last step in the process is to actually engage in visualizing. This includes revisiting your intention and either thinking of it or speaking it out loud.


While closing your eyes, you should imagine yourself in the place you wish to be. This may include visualizing what the healing process for you may look like. In your mind, visualize your body healing. This includes seeing yourself as a whole body that is exudes a healthy state of mind and body. You should start to feel something after these acts. All along, the individual should also take the mindset that this is a process to follow with a whole heart filled with trust and knowledge. This adds to the intensity of the healing process.


Having Trouble?


For some, it takes a little more focus or help to reach the level within the mind and body that promotes healing. In times of sickness, strong imagery, such as visualizing what healthy cells look like in the healing process and viewing them creating a healthier environment inside may help. Sometimes, seeing a stronger immune system attacking disease works, or visualizing your pain floating away. Self-hypnosis books also help, as well as audiovisualization tapes, which taps into those who positively respond to what they hear.


Visualization is a technique that some have found great success when it comes to increasing the body, as well as the mind’s health. Perhaps, it is something that will work for you. More in-depth books may lead you on the right track when you are interesting in pursuing these techniques.