Holy Places in the World

From the home of the Pope to sites associated with religious figures from the Bible, there are endless holy places found all over the world. In this article, you will learn about some important destinations with religious connection regarding Italy, Israel and Jerusalem.

Vatican City, Italy

The center of the Roman-Catholic faith is found in the city-state of Vatican City, which is a part of Rome, Italy. The sovereign city-state is a landlocked place that is comprised of a walled enclave within the city of Rome that stretches across about 110 acres of land. There are only around 800 people living in Vatican City, but the destination receives an endless stream of visitors. The Vatican City is ruled by the Bishop of Rome, who is the Pope. He lives in the Apostolic Palace. Catholic clergymen serve in the highest position within the state.

Tourists come to the city for not only religious reasons, but to also explore other attractions, such as the Gardens of Vatican City. More than half of the land of the city is found within the gardens, which were established during the Renaissance and Baroque period. It is there that you will find a variety of fountains and sculptures.

Mount Zion, Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is an important holy place that is home to many significant sites, such as Mount Zion. Throughout history, the location of Mount Zion has actually changed several times. The mountain is located in Jerusalem where (according to the Book of Samuel in the Hebrew Bible), it was the place of the Jebusite fortress referred to as the ‘stronghold of Zion.’ King David conquered the site, which he made his palace in what was called the City of David. When archeological excavations took place south of the Old City of Jerusalem, a building dating back to the Iron Age was identified as the remains of the ‘fortress Zion.’ This site is believed to represent the original location of Mount Zion.

Rachel’s Tomb, Israel

Also called the Dome of Rachel, there is an ancient structure that is thought to be the burial place of Rachel. Situated just south of Jerusalem, the location is found on the outskirts of Bethlehem. Early records of this tomb date back to the start of the 4th century AD. In the Judaic faith, the tomb is seen as the third holiest site, as it serves as a symbol of the return of the Jewish people to its ancient homeland.

Cave of the Patriarchs, Hebron, West Bank

The importance of the religious site is a holy place for Christians, Muslims, and Jews, who claim that significant religious figures related to their faith have been buried there , Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, as well as Jacob and Leah. The cave is comprised of a series of chambers located under the ground situated in the center of Hebron’s old city. The Muslims call this site the Sanctuary of Abraham or Ibrahimi Mosque.