Top 10 Indicators that One Experiences When Kundalini Awakens

Last Updated on May 26, 2020 by admin

As described by the ancient yogis, Kundalini refers to the sacred energy located close to the spinal base. Because it is comprised of seven layers, each with seven sub-layers, it has been said that 49 degrees exist for awakening it. In simple words, instead of focusing on whether all layers are awakened or not, it is worth to focus on up to what extent the kundalini is awakened in a safe way. In a common person, this vital energy is awakened but by a very small extent.

Now, the question is why would you further awaken this energy? Well, this is essential for those who wish to live a spiritual or a peaceful life, as the Kundalini energy facilitates the brain cells to recognize spiritual experiences or divine stimuli. On the physical side, the body, brain, and the internal systems improve such that after some time, the person is likely to become a great teacher, genius personality, or a charismatic leader. While these are the ultimate destinations or goals of awakening the Kundalini, the immediate or intermediate benefits are experienced through several rewarding indicators, as discussed below.

  • During meditation, you tend to see or feel something divine or out of this world, such as divine visions or sounds that are never heard or seen before
  • During meditation, the eyes tend to focus naturally on the third eye chakra (ajna chakra)
  • During meditation, the body automatically loses focus or importance until you purposely try to feel it
  • Meditation brings forth its fruits of deep insights and inspiration
  • You find yourself performing the yogic locks such as jalandhar bandh or mool bandh, which could not be done before
  • Many times, you experience a blank mind, a mind without any thoughts
  • After meditation, you do not feel like opening your eyes just because the experience continues to be pleasant;
  • You tend to understand the spiritual scriptures without confusion or doubts
  • You are able to do yoga poses naturally and relaxingly, which were formerly making you tired or triggering pain in different parts of the body
  • You start feeling energetic vibrations in different parts of the body along with spontaneous jerks that give a feeling equivalent to that of electricity shocks
  • Your body feels as light as air but still feel like having an endless amount of energy
  • You start remaining calm and cool even in negative conditions, which formerly seemed to be almost impossible to deal with
  • You frequently experience divine bliss, something that you cannot describe in words
  • Your creative power gets manifested, for example, rendering brilliant drawings, composing songs, and speaking in public with a lasting influence without any effort; you might feel that this is completely out of your control and that you did not expect this to happen; this happens as the energy rises upwards through the seven chakras