Cloning Committee


Sometime around the dawn of creation the cloning committee was in session. One of the members raised his clawed hand and suggested that all the creatures on the new world should be the same. At that moment the alien named Gomed said, “No Scratch, We are going to do it different this time. Genetic diversity. Lets populate the planet with all kinds of creatures and see which survive.” Scratch said, “They will fight and kill and feed on each other because some of them will be carnivores. I like it, good idea Gomed.”

Gomed replied, “That is cruel and would result in chaos.” Scratch said, ”Chaos is the method of the universe.” Gomed was forced to agree. He suggested, “Let us clone intelligent creatures and give them self-awareness and make them all intelligent, obedient and kind.” Scratch replied, “This wouldn’t be fair to the other creatures. An ecosystem based in diversity requires total diversity or it couldn’t function. Besides what a boring existence no differences or conflicts to spice things upt.” Again Gomed had to agree.

At this point Eros raised her delicate feather and spoke, “And what will be the method of reproduction?” Gomed said, “Eros this is your specialty what method of reproduction do you recommend?” Eros answered, “Some creatures survive best with spawning techniques especially if the medium is water. Some can produce eggs that are fertilized outside the body. My preferred method for self-aware creatures is fertilization in the body” Scratch said, “I like it. This Method creates emotional bonding between beings that are so aware of each other. It promotes survival. Gomed again had to agree but he didn’t like it. He said, “It will be necessary to associate some sort of stigma with this process so that these creatures don’t spend all their time at this activity and overpopulate.

Scratch spoke up again,“This is my specialty I’ll take care of that.”

Gomed was concerned, Scratch had been known to foul things up however he had a equal vote on the committee and Eros would vote with him. He decided that as chairperson the best thing to do was to call the vote now and start the project before the debate made things worse. One day he was going to have to do something about Scratch.