Edgar Cayce

What? You haven’t heard of Edgar Cayce! If you don’t know about this man, than you should read up, for what he did is astonishing! He was born in the USA and was raised Christian. During his life, when he was at school, something strange happened which rendered him unable to speak. One of his friend advised him to see a hypnotist and he did. The hypnotism worked and Edgar Cayce could speak again. He in fact healed himself under hypnosis finding where was the problem and how to heal it.

Edgar Cayce’s hypnotist also suffered from an illness. During the first session together, when Edgar Cayce was hypnotized, his  hypnotist began asking questions about his personal health problem, and surprisingly Edgar Cayce started to explain exactly where the problem was. He then proceeded to ask more information about the history of the hypnotist who decided to stop the conversation. In fact, Edgar Cayce was right because the hypnotist’s health following the instruction of Edgar Cayce improved greatly. He continued to ask him several questions under hypnosis through several sessions and Edgar Cayce was always right. The hypnotist tried to explain this phenomenon to Edgar Cayce when he wasn’t hypnotized because he didn’t remember anything that had happened during their sessions together. Then they decided to try and further investigate this medicine power Edgar seemed to possess when under hypnosis.

Eventually people began to see Edgar Cayce while he was under hypnosis to heal some of their health problems. First they would come and see him personally and speak to him while in the same room, but later they realized that it worked even by phone call. In one instance Edgar Cayce recommended to a patient that he take a certain medicine. Incredibly this medicine was still being fabricated in a french laboratory and had not even been commercialized yet! Cayce was never wrong, and anybody who came to see him could count on being healed.

Unfortunately this magical time was not to last. One day the police came knocking on Cayce’s door to arrest him for the illegal practice of medicine. After the passing of a few months, Cayce was able to win his case and was allowed to continue as he had been doing before. At about this time he decided to begin asking fees from people who came to see him.

An interesting thing to note is the way he guessed peoples health problems. He first ask some basic information about the patient, and not about the symptom he guessed anyway. He then proceed by studying the astrological sign of the person and also look into their past lives! He would describe their past lives and then finish by saying what the person should do to heal their problem.

Some people decided to ask Edgar Cayce several questions about the world, such as questions about extraterrestrial beings and the story of mankind. He said that in his past life he was a great priest of Atlantis and that he was also the leader of the escape from Atlantis to Egypt. It was during the destruction of Atlantis, so they escaped to Egypt, he said that they went underneath  the Sphinx where they had found a door. Curiously no one had spoken of this door before him and nowadays we don’t really know if still exists. The Egyptian army is protecting the area. The story is that this door underneath the Sphinx allows one to go to underground cities. The pyramids according to this story, have as well doors to these cities.

Edgar Cayce left us with many mysteries. But many of the things he said have been recorded and preserved in writing. His instruction healed lots of people, and those who remember continue to promote the Edgar Cayce medicine.