Sahasrara (7th chakra)

Sahasrara is the highest primary chakra, the ultimate goal of the consciousness, its last evolution step. It is located on the above part of the head, where the hair create a vortex. Some say that it is not located on the physical body but above it. It is the chakra of pure consciousness. It is the door by which we enter in the cosmic realm of the One. When the kundalini pass by this chakra, illumination is attained. You become aware of everything and your knowledge is without limit. This chakra is depicted by a 1000 petals flower. This number can vary and can be 960, 972 or 1000. This number represents the number of energy canals that this chakra get from the others lower chakras. 96 channels exists if we count petals for the other chakras. By multiplying this number by the number of fluid cavities in the brain ( which is 10), we get 960. Because there are 12 principal nerves in the brain, we can add this number to get 972. 1000 is attained by counting 100 petals instead of 96 because of a additional chakra at the bottom of the body which count 2 petals. Interestingly, this number of petals of each chakra seems to represent the number of nerves that come from each part of the spine!

This chakra contain all the senses. It is aware of everything. It could be called the cosmic chakra. It is the center of the spirit or at least the entrance by which the spirit enter in he realm of the material world. The endocrine system equivalent is the brain, or more particularly, the pineal gland which rules the seasonal and daily behavior of the mind through the melatonin hormone. Some say that it is by this gland that telepathy is possible. It is the gland of the mind. The dominant colors of this chakra are purple, gold and white. Its corresponding cosmic sphere is said to be the Sun, the governor of the solar system. Its music note is B. Several stones are said to be related to Sahasrara, they are the purple, gold and white stones: purple zircon, gold, diamond… This chakra correspond to the lotus flavor.

Sahasrara chakra is the chakra for people aged between 42 and 49. It is the chakra who generates the transcendental state. It is by this chakra that the yogi found themselves in the realm of god. It is the link between the cosmos and the self. It unifies the spiritual functions of the other chakras. It is also the chakra of realization and global consciousness. It is by this chakra that our spirit can evade its own body to travel in other realms. It is by this chakra that we can experiiment ¨out of body” experience.