Dream Interpretations 19: Places Part 2

There are plenty of places that a dreamer may end up within a dream, but they have no clue of the meaning behind the location. In this article, you will learn of dream interpretations regarding such as the opera, orchard, park, as well as a palace.


If you are seeking out an oasis, it may represent the inner fears and insecurities that you may have to deal with. When you are resting at an oasis, positive future business and monetary ventures may be suggested. A dream theme focused on an oasis may also be a sign that you are in need of a vacation.


When you are attending an opera within a dream, pleasantries involving friends are in the future. When you find yourself at an observatory, this symbolizes aspirations and high goals that you may have for yourself. Loyalty, being faithful, as well as a pleasant home structure, is signified by a dream where you are traveling through an orchard filled with blossoms. If the orchard has been affected by a storm or if it is empty, it is a representation of unwanted guests that may crash your party or home.


When you find yourself in a luxury-filled palace, it is a sign of future wealth and prosperity. If you dream that you are the owner of the palace, it represents a level of success that is easily attainable for you.  When you are attending a party in your dream, it may mean that you should get out a little more and embrace life. If the party you are attending is a real stinker, then it may be an indication that you have doubts about the social skills that you possess.


Wandering about a park in your dream and it may refer to temporary relief that you may experience from harsh realities. If you find that you are lost in the park, you may have to deal with conflicts regarding your loved ones or career. A park within a dream may also refer to an alienation that may be felt when dealing with society.


When you dream that you are confined in that dreaded location, prison, it may symbolize a deep-rooted feeling that you are not able to fully express yourself. When someone else is seen in prison, this also refers to a part of yourself that you are unable to reveal. When someone is released from prison within your dream, it signifies new changes that may take place within your life. It is also a sign that you will overcome obstacles that may be holding you back at the moment.


Were you hungry before you went to bed? When you dream that you are in a restaurant, it may refer to an overwhelming feeling that you may have. Apprehension towards choices or decisions within your life may become an issue. You may also feel that you need something to feed your emotional needs. Below you will find a few other dream interpretations:


Post Office: An important message will arrive soon


Corner: Frustration, as well as a lack of control


Court: Fear and guilt


Reservoir: Emotions that are repressed


School: Refers to childhood insecurities


Sidewalk: Signifies progress within ones life