Future Lives and Time Travel

Dr. Bruce Goldberg just recently took a woman by the name of “Emily” to her future life by hypnosis. Is this truly possible? Do we really have future lives? Under hypnosis “Emily” told Dr.Goldberg that she was to live again 1,600 years from now and she will be named Sequestra, and live on the planet Phonican in the Andromedan system. Her race is controlled by creatures of the light called Aracatha.  “I despise them but I do not fear them. They are cruel and enslave my people through mind control,” she explains of this rather 1984-ish world. Using tall metal rods on the tops of buildings, the Aracatha gain access to citizens’ thought patterns. But Sequestra’s father invented a metal helmet that can block the scanning. Eventually, as she nears her 300th year, Sequestra and her fellow rebels are able to trap the Aracatha into human bodies, who are then carted off to an asteroid to pay off their karmic debts.

   So is this enough information to prove that we do have future lives? Take what you want but just remember anything is possible.

                                 -Chris Tivnan     [email protected]