About Planetary Ruler: Mars

Mars (the planetary ruler of Aries and Scorpio) takes the ancient symbol of a cross positioned above the circle of spirit to represent the creative force that has an effect on its will. During modern times, the arrow of desire has replaced the cross. In this article, you will encounter some of the common associations regarding Mars as a planetary ruler.

The Need to Act

Analyzing the position of Mars on a chart can reveal the assertiveness associated with an individual. It is the instinct to survive that is found in Mars. We owe some of our passion and drive to the planet. Through Mars, some people gain a strong urge to go out into the world and make things happen for themselves. Depending on how Mars is placed, these intentions can come off as assertive or aggressive. For example, Mars in a fire sign is prone to having their assertion quickly transform into aggression. Air signs tend to show a lack of focus that often sees their time spent in making plans, but rarely following through in the actions.


Venus is not the only planet that highlights passion, as Mars involves embracing life to its fullness. In fire signs, this passion is like an explosion that comes out without warning. It doesn’t take much for a fire sign to build up to the point of passion. Water signs are often romantic, but they don’t show their passion as outwardly as other elemental signs. They prefer to savor each moment that plays a role in the build up of their passion.

Traditional Correspondences

·    Mars is often associated with action, aggression, lust, passion, male sexuality, energy, anger, rage, impatience, sharp instruments, weapons, insect bites, accidents, scissors, male sexuality, pepper, pine, hawthorn, belladonna, garlic, ginger, chives, onions, radishes, places connected to fire, rhubarb, and tobacco.

·    Mars exhibits courage when they are in a positive zone, but when things go wrong, they become full of wrath.

·    Scarlet is the color most associated with Mars.

·    Crystals associated with Mars include bloodstone, pyrite, rubies, and garnets.

·    Thursday is the day of the week that corresponds to Mars.

·    Mars serves as a symbol for conquest and desire that is built upon lust. Mars is the planet that encourages people to enlist in a war and fight for what they want or believe in.

Mars , Zodiac Sign Connections of Assertiveness

When Mars is associated with the various zodiac signs, the planet often has an effect on the way an individual asserts himself or herself. For example, when Mars affects Aries, their assertion comes off as brash. They show characteristics of boldness, competitiveness, as well as recklessness and impatience. Mars in Aries helps to create an individual that strives for what they desire at all costs. They seem to be more attracted to men with ‘macho’ personalities or women that are dominant. In Cancer, Mars creates a cautious, yet emotionally demanding individual. Libra is rarely assertive with Mars’ effect. Capricorn is ambitious in their assertiveness.