A Call For UFO Disclosure

For over 60 years, the United States government has been hiding UFO
information from the public. Anyone that does their research will come to the
conclusion that the UFO phenomenon is indeed real and there is great reason to
believe that the governments of the world have been in contact with many
different alien species. It’s time for the government to come forward and
disclose UFO information to the public which many direly seek.

According to popular belief, the UFO phenomenon is the most classified and
guarded secret of them all. Even more so than the H-bomb. The debate to discover
the reasoning for the governments secrecy includes such series as: mass
hysteria, national protection, and keeping the technology out of enemy hands.
But the people are ready for the truth and the UFO secrecy needs to come to an
end very soon.

Many serious investigators have spent their entire lives trying to understand
and gain knowledge of the UFO phenomenon, and it is sad to say, many have died
seeking the truth who never found the truth. Life itself revolves around the
pursuit of happiness and truth and many are finding it absolutely disheartening
that government agencies are withholding the most important discoveries ever

It has been said that if extraterrestrial lifeforms were announced, world
religions and followers would erupt with mass hysteria and social uproar which
would cause damage to life everywhere. But recent polls are showing that there
is a decreasing number of people who are practicing religion and the new
movements of the world are breeding more non-religious followers than ever
before. We are entering a time where the demise of false religions will no
longer be of concern. This makes for the perfect time to disclose UFO
information to the public.

Many great steps have been taken by powerful and well respected individuals
in attempts to disclose UFO information. We all know that famous astronauts have
came forward and verbally said that our ultimate goal is to join the
interplanetary systems and we might as well start moving forward in doing so.

By disclosing UFO and alien information to the public, more people will heed
the word of the wise and maybe even start caring for their mother Earth which is
being destroyed by selfishness and carelessness. Us earthlings have much to
learn by studying alien civilizations that may have already gone through what we
are facing. The governments need to understand that the future safety of our
world depends on getting through to the average person and letting them know
that there is much more out there than they previously thought. Hearing direct
information from superior intelligent beings will most likely open people’s eyes
to the mistakes being made more efficiently than another average human telling
them how to live.

World wars will become a thing of the past once UFO disclosure prevails. The
different cultures of the world would have no need to argue and fight over
religious upbringing, but they will work together in a unified way to discover
more truths while advancing in our interplanetary status. Once we understand
that there is a whole slew of interplanetary beings, our humanly differences
will seem benign and indifferent.

It is only a matter of time until the earth itself loses the ability to
support humanity as it has done so for the last 5,000 years. Hopefully the
leaders of this world will come to their senses and disclose UFO truths so we
can work together to advance our civilizations as a whole.