Close Encounters of the First Kind: 2006 & 2007

The years 2006 and 2007 saw a wide range of Close Encounters of the First Kind accounts that spread across the world, including destinations, such as Kent, England and India. In this article, you will learn the details regarding mysterious red orbs in the sky, as well as strange happenings close to the Vatican.


In 2006, England had its fair share of UFO sightings. For starters, in Kent, England, the 25th of May brought reports of an oval-shaped orb that seemed to hover above Kent at quite a bit of distance. After some time, the object later moved off to the western part of the sky. In June, London, England experienced the presence of five red orbs that flew at a speedy pace that appeared over a town called Baldock. It was about 10:30 when the first rash of UFOs hit the area. Additional details regarding the incident tell of the orbs splitting into three white lights that soon vanished. As the light traveled, it was said that a black figure could be seen in its midst. As the fourth and the fifth object flew about, the two items disappeared at the same time.


On June 24th, Vatican City was the location where a tourist claims to have captured the image of a UFO, as it hovered close to the Vatican Basilic’s Cuppola. In Nanjing, China, a UFO was sighted and recorded to situate itself above an apartment building, which occurred on August 17th, 2006. It is said that when the UFO reached its highest point of the apartment, seven white lights appeared around its body. Soon after, the unexplainable object vanished into thin air.


At the Chicago O’Hare International Airport, a UFO sighting took place on November 7th. An assortment of United Airline employees, including pilots, claimed that they witnessed an odd craft that was shaped like a saucer. The object in the air did not possess any lights and it seemed to hover over the airport terminal just before it shot up into the air and through the clouds. At first, the FAA tried to hide that they received reports of the event, but when some used the Freedom of Information Act, the details stated different.


Fremont, California also showcased weird activity in the sky, as reports surfaced that an orb floated for a couple of minutes. For about five minutes, the object was said to stand still and was reported as hovering about 200 yards over the ground. Then, out of nowhere, the object suddenly exploded into the air, while numerous onlookers could not explain what they had just seen.


In 2007, Charlotte, North Carolina experienced a rash of UFO reports that involved an unidentified flying object that was described as the color turquoise. A handful of locals, as well as a police officer were among some of the witnesses on January 26th.
  In February, Islington, (which can be found in northern London, England) about 10 to 15 UFOs were supposed spotted in the sky. A couple of weeks later, Kaliningrad, Russia became the next destination to host a UFO sighting that was apparently recorded on the video camera of a student who witnessed the event.


In March, India locals reported two different UFO encounters. The first occurred in New Delhi on March 7th, where two UFOs were detected rather close to the residence of the prime minister. On March 26th, Gurgaon, India became the next location within the country to experience UFO sighting. A couple of locals claimed to have spotted a UFO that was described as orange in color. A builder also caught sight of the occurrence, which supposedly moved about in a circular path that increased over time and then suddenly vanished without a trace.