Sleep Paralysis – One Story in a life of abductions


Joe had been thinking earlier that evening that maybe they were finally leaving him alone. After all, it had been several years since he remembered seeing them in his house. The thought of them, their appearance, no matter how many times Joe had seen them, whether in person, or in pictures and movies, the gray alien was not a sight he could get used to. Even as a child, he remembers being sadistically cruel to grasshoppers, to the point that now at 45 years of age he was ashamed. Those eyes! So similar to the spindly little creatures that haunt him and taunt him in the night. Why could they never appear during the day he would wonder? And that smell, sometimes at night before he went to sleep, he could smell their presence in the house. Some how they would be there, but not there. As if they were able to shift in and out of our reality inter-dimensionally. Scent is the strongest trigger in recalling lost memories. This scent was one that would be hard to forget. The combined smell of sulpher, ammonia, and boiled eggs. Something akin to a stink bomb Joe would construct when he was a kid.


That night he sensed that they would be there. But a gut feeling is no reason to be afraid he would think. Better take a Klonopin to sleep just in case though. His wife would sleep on the couch as she always did. She loved that couch, and always fell asleep watching the television. Joe went off to bed about 10:30, drowsy from the tranquilizer. He fell asleep almost immediately.


2:20 A.M. His eyes popped wide open. He was wide awake, laying on his stomach, staring straight at the digital alarm clock with it’s bright red display glowing at him. 2:20 a.m. He could hear the loud sound of something pulsing through out the house. His room was rotating in color. Like an old fashioned Christmas display light that had a rotating disc. You would put it on the floor facing the tree and it would bath the area in revolving display of about 4 colors. Only now, the entire room was bathed in color. He first attempted to move, sensing someone was standing behind the bed. He couldn’t budge. All of a sudden the fear became intense, he tried at first to speak. Nothing. He couldn’t budge a finger, not a toe as the light and sound show went on around him. Now he was frantic! He tried to scream, but like in a bad dream or nightmare no vocalizations were allowed. He continued to panic and free himself to no avail. This went on until 2:22 a.m. an eternity, when finally the lights started to subside. Just at that moment the lights subsided the pulsing hum began to diminish in intensity. And just at that precise moment Joe was able to free himself and literally flew backwards using every muscle like it was a bound up spring ready to bust. If there had been someone behind the bed as he had felt earlier, he would have sprung backwards right into him, or it. Spinning around to check the room, then running into the front room to head for the front door, he encountered Lori, his wife who was sitting up on the couch from a dead sleep, asking, “What just happened Joe?”  She was looking very puzzled and confused, Joe just replied, “I think they were here!” and made a dash out the front door to observe the night sky. Seeing nothing after a couple minutes of scanning the sky, he went back inside the house. By this time Lori was a little more alert. She again began asking Joe what had just happened; she had thought they were under attack by helicopters, shinning lights all over the place. Joe told her of his experience and then sat there in bewilderment for about an hour before they both tried to go back to sleep.


Waking a little late that day, Joe and Lori were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee and still trying to figure out what had happened the previous night. It was about 10:00 a.m. when a knock came at the door. It was the neighbor Eli who lived with his wife Francis about a quarter of a mile back from Joe and Lori down a dirt road. Eli was very excited. He said he had seen a huge UFO last night. It had been hovering out behind his house when he had stepped out on his porch at sometime around 2:00 a.m. or so. Eli is kind of a down to Earth hillbilly with a heart of gold. He is also a night owl, since he keeps an eye on his wife when she sleeps because she has breathing problems. When he first observed the object, it was hovering above some trees about 1000 yards out behind his property. He stated that as soon as he saw it, it dove from about 1000 feet at what he said was at least 200 miles an hour, not making a sound. It dove from its position directly over his house, heading south towards Joe and Lori’s house. He said he thought it was going to crash right into their house, but then it just stopped and hovered over it all in an instant. It hovered no more than 100 feet above the house, and was at least 4 times larger than the house and yard combined. He said it just hovered there so he ran into the house to call the Sheriff. After thinking it a joke, and about 10 minutes later, the sheriff agreed to come out and talk with Eli. Eli went immediately back out side and the UFO was still hovering. He said it was about 80 to 100 yards in diameter, had a saucer shape with multicolor lights around the perimeter which changed colors as seeming to pulse. The craft over all had a dull gray appearance, yet seemed to be noticeably luminescent. It glowed lightly, in Eli’s words.


At this point Eli noticed the craft also made a low pitched humming or pulsing sound as it hovered there. He said he could feel it like a vibration in his body. He said it also had a tail like protrusion, v shaped, about 50 feet long, and 8-10 feet in diameter. It looked like a tail pipe according to Eli. To hear him describe it, it came to a V in a shield type pattern you might see them put on a motorcycle on American Chopper, only on a much huger scale. Also according to Eli, the “Tail Pipe”, had a purple to green mist or steam coming out of it which was also luminescent, or glowing. It illuminated the inside of the tail pipe in other words. He said the tail pipe was facing him from the back of the craft and at this point it sped away at an astonishing rate of speed. It then stopped about a half mile away, over some treetops, hovered there for a few seconds, before zipping up and out of site at about a 45-degree angle. It sped away as fast as a bullet in Eli’s words. Eli proceeded to say the sheriff did come out and talk with him, but that he more or less laughed the whole thing off, not so much as taking a single note about the incident. The sheriff told Eli he had probably seen a B-12 stealth that is based no more than a couple of miles away. For some reason, Joe and Lori had not noticed the sheriff and activity Eli had been up to.

Though Eli’s property and driveway are mostly out of site from their residence. When asked by Joe and Lore why he hadn’t bothered to come and tell them what he had just saw, Eli replied he was afraid to bother, or wake them up but came up that morning as soon as he thought it appropriate.


Joe, Lori, Eli and his wife all live in the country away from many neighbors. Joe and Lori later examined themselves and found small puncture wounds on their right inner thigh. Both Joe and Lori noticed B.B. like objects beneath the skin down by the inner calf area on the same leg, which in time burrowed deeper inside until they could no longer be felt or seen. Joe and Lori would attribute the whole incident to sleep paralysis if it were not for the fact they had a witness to a very strange event on the same evening. That, and the fact that after previous incidents of this nature, or abductions as Joe knows them to be, he and Lori had seen the creatures before. Always after the event had taken place. As if they were taunting the couple.


It’s easier to not believe in UFOs and Aliens. Joe and Lori would like to NOT BELIEVE. They try to keep the subject out of their everyday life as much as possible, to live a normal life like everybody else. Besides, everyone knows people who see UFOs are crackpots anyway right? And someone who claims to have been abducted, and taken into a UFO, well, they belong in an institution!


Millions of people worldwide claim to have had abduction experiences. When a survey was done, it was found that most people who have seen a UFO or had and alien encounter, are just as sane, intelligent, and hard working as the rest of the population.


For Joe and Lori, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of fact. The hardest fact being that there is nowhere to go for something like this. Nothing mainstream. So for the most part, people like Joe and Lori must live on the edge keeping their secret to themselves. Wondering when, and what these creatures will do to them next. They do not feel that these beings are friendly, or here to help them. The feel like victims, taken against their will and without their consent. Subjected to cruel and violating procedures.