The Wales UFO Alien Crash

The reports of UFO crashes are extremely rare, with the most notables being the alleged Roswell crash, and the Shag Harbor incident in Nova Scotia. Some other cases, such as several German crash reports, just don’t allow us enough information to make a case for them. One crash which seems to hold up well is the one that occurred in the Berwyn Mountains in Wales. This incident took place in January 1974. On or about 8:30 P.M. on January 23, an extremely large disc-shaped object was observed falling from the skies over the city of Clwyd in Wales. Approximately two hours earlier, several dozen witnesses across Lancashire and Chesshire had phoned in reports of a strange formation of bright green lights, which flew in a haphazard pattern in a northwesterly direction.

After the unusual reports of 6:30, something crashed into the Berwyn Mountains, and created a frightening tremor, which measured 4.5 on the Richter Scale. This tremendous impact was felt in Chester, Wresham, Southport, Liverpool, and even in Greater Manchester. Phone reports poured in to police, television, and radio stations all across the affected area. Naturally, the force of the impact was initially assigned to a plane, a large plane, probably a jet passenger. Police and other rescue units were immediately sent to the Berwyns. The rescue crews were prepared for the worst; the unimaginable, horrific carnage created by such a devastating impact.

What was found in the isolation of the mountains was not what was expected. But, what was found? There was no passenger plane crash, no fire, no smoke, no bodies. At least that is what the general public was told. However, soon the Army was called in. Why? Residents of the city of Chester witnessed a convoy of Army trucks on the night of the impact. Some brave individuals followed the flow of Army trucks out of curiosity. There was no great surprise when the convoy headed straight to the sight of the earlier impact! Upon the military’s arrival, the area was immediately cordoned off. Civilian rescuers and Police were not allowed into the area.

A nurse who lived fairly near the impact sight came forward with an amazing account. She told a local newspaper that a UFO the “size of the Albert Hall,” had crashed into the Berwyn Mountains, and in the process, threw debris and bodies over a mile from the epicenter. She had walked up to one of the bodies, and was completely taken back when she realized that the body was not human, but alien! Before she could offer an account of her amazing find to others, the military took control. The nurse was taken to a secure area, and two Ministry of Defence officers ordered her to remain silent about her experience. She was told that a statement “would constitute a threat to national security and the defence of the realm”.

Although the nurse was well known, she was never seen in the area again, and the news reporter she had told her story to refused to discuss the case until his death in 1979. Was the reporter also under military order? Probably. There is an extremely interesting aftermath to this incredible story. In 1990, electronics engineer Arthur Adams, still enthralled by the Wales story, decided to make a trip to the alleged sight of the crash. Amazingly, the Concorde employee found strange green colored pieces of metal which were fused into rock. He took samples of his find to his laboratory, and was stunned to find that a piece of the material the size of a cubic inch, emitted two kilowatts of electricity when hooked up to a volt meter. He took his findings to the “Daily Express,” which ran a series of articles on Adams’ discovery.

The articles breathed new life into the Berwyn crash story, but soon the Ministry of Defence stepped in and stopped the story from running. The compelling accounts of the Wales crash leave us with many unanswered questions. What became of the nurse? Are there any fragments of the material left today? What did cause the thundering impact that night? Many theories have been put forward. Some point to a prototype of an experimental craft, others state that a UFO crashed into the Berwyns. What happened to the bodies seen scattered over the area? The Wales crash of January 23, 1974, remains one of the best kept secrets in UFO history.

This Story Was Taken With Permission From UFOCasebook.com