Incredible Cloud Face Wows Witness

The shapes of clouds and other natural phenomena have long been a device for interpretation of future events, the reflection on our past, and even indicated the deeper meaning behind the things connected to them.  Images of Jesus and other figures from history and mythology have been appearing in objects, and even the clouds themselves are not an exception.  But when a towering face took over the horizon in one man’s neighborhood he was speechless.  And what’s perhaps even more interesting is just how the face materialized – as if it were pushing out from the clouds to look down at the city sprawling out in front of it.

The face was unlike so many others like it very distinct and almost photorealistic in its appearance.  The image was far from anything that we are used to seeing in the sky.  In fact, the face was so distinct, that sideburns leading up to mutton-chops at the lower side of the face could be clearly distinguished.  A photograph of a person could hardly have been more detailed or convincing when it came to the distinctness of what this face looked like.

And when it comes to strange weather formations, don’t expect things to slow down any time soon.  The weather will be ramping up significantly now after a series of solar flares were released this week.  But even in the climate of doom and gloom these clouds can serve to be a bit of a distraction even if it’s not directly paranormal in itself.

Or is it?  In the great scale of the universe humanity has been trained to recognize patterns like the fibanacci sequence which will appear at the smallest levels of nature and then the largest as well.  What if there are other patterns, such as the human face which naturally appear in very recognizable ways all the way up to the greatest levels of the cosmos?  Perhaps we are actually living as a speck of dust in the eye of a great trans-galactic bearded face.  And if that face were to be seen from a sufficient distance, how do we know we wouldn’t recognize it as something almost photographically recognizable?

But in the mean time, we are left wondering just what could have caused this incredible appearance to take place.  What force could have so distinctly and seemingly so randomly pushed a great bearded face from the clouds and into the plane of view so perfectly and then just happened to position someone in such a way that they would be able to witness it?  When we look at all the variables involved, the possibilities seem staggering.  Is it really just coincidence?  Or is there something more at work here?  And if it is indeed some sort of message written in the clouds, what could it possibly mean?

Perhaps as the world turns and disaster seems looming around every corner we can put it in perspective and realize that somehow – even if entirely by chance, it appears that someone or something is watching.