Video: Mystery Sound Terrorizes Family – UFO?

It’s not uncommon for an official explanation of an unusual event to leave much to be desired when it comes to explaining strange UFO phenomena.  But rarely is an official explanation so thoroughly debunked by video documentation.  In the case of an event that took place March 9, of 2011 the video taken by witnesses is strange not only for the video itself, but also the sounds being made by what some are calling one of the strangest UFO events to take place in 2011.

The video starts with two witnesses standing at their front door and videotaping out into the woods where you can clearly hear a mysterious and extremely loud rumbling sound that would almost resemble a jet flying overhead and emitting a loud sonic boom.  But unlike an ordinary sonic boom, the sound being emitted by this mysterious unknown force is causing the ground to shake for several minutes, with some sources suggesting up to twenty minutes of unexplained activity.  Eight minutes of the event can be confirmed as they were directly videotaped.  Behind the sound of the rumbling you can hear frightened witnesses speculating on what the strange sound could be caused by and even calling 911 at one point to report on the strange incident.  The 911 operators say they do not know what the mysterious sound could possibly be.  There are a few points where an unseen object either emits a flash or there is a bolt of lightning illuminating the sky independently of any aircraft.  The official explanation offered by the National Weather Service in Tallahassee Florida states that around the Woodville area claims that the phenomenon is caused by “Ducting” where lightning emits a boom that reflects off a stable area of ground.  and results in a sustained boom.  But could this phenomenon be responsible for such a sustained boom?  If the idea of thunder causing this seems plausible, you may want to watch the incredible event that precedes the very end of the incident.

After booming for several minutes, there is a sudden flash.  After this the sound cuts out all at once.  The incident ends so suddenly that the witnesses on the video can clearly tell it has ended immediately.  Not only that, as the audio adjusts you can hear the sound of rain falling shortly afterward.  Could this flash have been something ending in whatever craft was responsible for the noise at the beginning suddenly taking off?  Of could the flash have been part of some thus far unknown phenomenon ending this mysterious event?  Whether it is peculiar weather, a UFO, or a secret military aircraft the witnesses and most viewers to this film clearly believe whatever is going on here is anything but normal.  And anything but explainable.

And that’s something we would tend to agree with.