Ghosts in Montana

Throughout the state of Montana, there are plenty of sites that hold a tale regarding an unsettled ghost or a friendly apparition that just won’t budge. For example, if you visit the Little Bighorn National Monument, you might encounter the spirits of Native American women, who are still searching for their loved ones. In this article, you will read of ghosts residing in cities, such as Bannock, Billings and Garnet.


The area of Bannock is considered a ghost town, where the main hotel in the area is said to be haunted by an elderly female ghost. In town, there is also a house where numerous babies lost their lives due to a cholera epidemic. When passing by this residence, some claim to have heard the unexplainable crying of babies.


In Belgrade, the founder of the Ouaw School is thought to have passed away in the bell tower. Students who have passed by the tower have spotted his ghost. The Brantly House in Helena is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Judge Brantly, who used to live on the premises. Throughout Miles City, you will find the Town Pump Truck Stop, where the ghost of an old man called Dave haunts the premises. Dave once owned a small station at this site, but passed away due to a heart attack. Now, the cooler doors open and shut during the night, as well as unexplainable equipment malfunctions. 


Billings is where you will find the Antique Depot, which is where a plane crashed during the 1940s. The funeral home at that time was unable to provide room for the bodies on their premises so the bodies were store in a refrigerator of an old grocery store, located close to the train depot. One of the victims of the plane crash was a soldier from World War II. Today, the building is now a spacious antique store, where the ghost of a WWII soldier can be seen. Witnesses claim that when they approach him, he will disappear before you can reach him. Also in Billings, the ghost of a young girl who lost her life on Christmas Eve is said to haunt the house. This site is referred to as Beverly’s House.

Originally, it was set as a mining town; the ghost town of Garnet can be located in the hills of Montana. The main hotel caught on fire and this triggered a move from the people who lived in the area. The town’s houses and buildings have been well preserved; even the hotel that caught fire can be encountered with few signs of damage. When passing through the town, it is said that the feeling of spirits can be felt. This feeling is especially strong when venturing to the second floor of the hotel.
At the Missoula Children’s Theater in Missoula, you will find that a ghost haunts the premises by the name of George. When he is pleased with the presentation, he will encourage actors, but if he is unhappy, he will definitely let the actors know.  Additional locations where ghosts are known to roam include Brantley Hall and Jeanette Rankin Hall at the University of Montana, the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, as well as the Bonanza Inn and Costume Shop in Virginia City.