Haunted Colleges in New York 6

In this article, we wrap up the exploration of haunted college tales in New York State by presenting accounts dealing with the following colleges and universities: Niagara University, SUNY Plattsburgh, Dutchess Community College, Marist College, and SUNY Purchase.

Niagara University , Niagara Falls

Poor Clet Hall has had quite the history, as it has suffered fire damage on numerous occasions. As a result, several lost lives have been attributed to the bad luck of the hall. Resident ghosts have been reported at Clet Hall, including the spirit of a student who died in one of the fires. Students have also reported ghosts appearing inside their dorm rooms and in the adjacent theater.

State University of New York , Plattsburgh

At MacDonough Hall of the State University of New York in Plattsburgh, students are well aware of the former history of the hall. The building once served as the old morgue for the Plattsburgh Hospital located across the campus. Over the years, many apparitions have been seen and numerous strange noises heard by both students and faculty.

Dutchess Community College , Poughkeepsie

If you attend the Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, you probably didn’t read in the college brochure that the college was constructed on the former site of an old tuberculosis hospital. Serving as one of the main hospital buildings, Bowne Hall is now the main administration building for the college. In the basement, the hospital morgue was once situated and to this day, has become a source of strange tales that involve weird presences and odd happenings , often times reported by the maintenance staff.

Marist College , Poughkeepsie

Sheahan Hall of Marist College in Poughkeepsie has a ghostly tale of its own that centers on the murder of ‘Shelly,’ which took place in the cafeteria of the school. It seems that the spirit of the former student is unsettled , upset that her life was cut short by a jealous boyfriend. She loved in Sheahan Hall, which is where her presence has been felt the most. It is believed that the ghost has folded clothes, opened and closed doors, meddled with televisions, and causes strange noises in the middle of the night. The ghost has also been connected to some of the odd happenings that have taken place at the grotto , a location which pays honor to those who have died at the college.

State University of New York , Purchase

On the campus of SUNY Purchase, there is a cemetery that has a reputation for sending more than just shivers down your back. While studying during the night at one of the college halls located close to the cemetery, some people have reported odd happenings. It also doesn’t help that there are rumors of a mental institution that once existed near the college at some point in time. Situated behind the woods, it increases to the eerie history of the woods, where someone is known to have committed suicide there by shooting themselves with a rifle.