Aquarians: Money and Parenting

If you’re thinking of loaning your Aquarian friend money , can you trust that they will pay you back? According to astrological energy, it apparently depends on which planet is ruling the personality of your friend. How about the bond between parents and child born under this zodiac sign? In this article, you will touch upon some of the ins and outs that make Aquarian parents and children tick, as well as other trivia concerning this sign of the water bearer.

15) When it comes to handling money matters, Aquarius borders on being thrifty with their cash with an appreciation of providing rewards when due. Once again, the planetary ruler will play a role in how Aquarius approaching his or her bank account. If Saturn rules over the sign, then those born under the sign will scrutinize every addition and subjection on their bank statement. They will also keep track of their worth to the exact cent. However, if Uranus is ruling the personality of the Aquarian, then it is not uncommon to find escalating debt and impulsive moneymaking schemes in their future.

Aquarius is the type of sign that makes it big by inventing something new, which they would then split the profits with whoever had a hand in making their dreams come true. In order to move this sign to pursue any investment or get-rich-quick plan , they would have to investigate the ethics behind this decision.

16) As a parent, the Aquarian is unpredictable. The child never knows what to expect with their mother or father, which can often create an unstable environment. It is quite common to find this zodiac sign dabbling in all the latest parenting trends, which is all meant with the best of intentions, but usually ends up flawed in its execution. Sometimes, an Aquarian parent will become unreasonable if they are forced to explain their motives behind certain parenting choices. On the other hand, children of an Aquarian are usually free to express their individuality to the fullest extent.

17) As a child, the Aquarian possesses a personality that stumps many. To predict the behavior of this sign, you should take a good look at their surroundings, as this will play an important role in the development of this child. To better cater to the needs of this child, an educational setting that embraces unconventional practices is probably the best course of action to pursue. Science-focused classes will appeal to this type of child, as well as any course of study that takes experimentation and invention into consideration.

18) When you want to please your Aquarian sweeties, orchids have been a traditional favorite. Other blooms to consider for the love of your life may include passion flower or lady’s slipper. To surround an Aquarian with natural elements that appeal most to their sign , consider planting a fruit tree in their yard. They will also appreciate the sight of elder or mountain ash.