Haunted Pubs in England 4

At the Jamaica Inn, located in Bolventor Cornwall, England


there is a pub where a ghost is said to make its presence known, walking through walls and such. According to those who have met up with this ghost, he is sometimes seen sitting outside of the wall of the establishment. In this article, we will take a look at some of the haunted pubs in England, including the Mermaid Inn.


In the East Sussex part of England, the Mermaid Inn is positioned in Rye. Here, this inn has quite a reputation of being one of the oldest in the area. There is also another piece of recognition attached to this property. To some, it is revered as one of the most haunted of all pubs located in England.


On the premises of the Mermaid Inn, there is a part of the inn called the Elizabethan Room. It is here that witnesses claim to have encountered visions of ghostly men (thought to be smugglers) fighting. While others stand to watch the vision play before their eyes, the scene shows one man killing another. The vision also reveals that the body of the murdered man was stashed within a secret compartment within the room. The inn has also been known to shelter phantoms that appear to be in a duel with one another. The site is also the location where the ghost of a women killed by one of the smugglers is believed to haunt.


In the area of
St Neots, Huntingdonshire, England, the ghost of a tall man was spotted since the 1960s at what is called the New Inn.

In Corwen, Wales, when you visit the Owain Glyndwr Hotel, you may encounter the lady ghost that is said to haunt the premises. Her story is one of heartbreak. She fell in love and had an affair with a monk, which we all known were forbidden. The relationship was doomed and eventually fell apart, leaving her heartbroken. It is she who still roams about the hotel in the afterlife.


In Oldham, the Old Original pub is situated in Scouthead. The ghost on the premises is a woman who met an untimely death at the hands of another. She was killed, being thrown down a well associated with the pub. Witnesses have spotted her image, wandering about the premises, probably looking for her murderer.


At the Ostrich Inn, located in Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, you will encounter a pub that was once owned by a husband and wife team known as the Jarmans. As the story goes, they were murderous, taking the lives of guests spending the night at their pub. They constructed a trapdoor, which was connected to specific bedrooms. The Jarmans would then drop their visitors through it, landing them a pot of boiling liquid that was located within the kitchen area. Today, the inn is known for its odd happenings. Could it be the restless souls of countless murdered trying to make their mark on the world?