Haunted Pubs Throughout England & Scotland

When it comes to settling down with a good pint, you should know that there are plenty of places to get a nice drink when visiting Scotland and England. What’s more exciting is when you happen upon an establishment that has a little extra history hidden between the brick and mortar. This may include a nifty ghost tale or an entertaining tale of paranormal.


At the
Killmichael County House Hotel, which can be found at Brodick, located at the Isle of Arran in Scotland
, there is a female ghost that has chosen this hotel as her stomping grounds. Nicknamed the “Grey Lady,” her origin is not as known as other spirits about Scotland.


While traveling throughout
St Boswells, Scotland, you may pass by the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel. They too have a “Grey Lady,” who has been spotted roaming about the premises, grounds and surrounding areas of the hotel.
  Legend has it, that this particular ghost committed suicide at a nearby bridge and is here to stay.


When visiting the area of
Old Meldrum in Scotland, you pay encounter the Meldrum House Hotel, which has a ghostly lady of their own. Here, it is the “White Lady” who calls this hotel her home. With this apparition, she has chosen to make herself known mostly to the children who visit this site.


In Lymington,

Hampshire, England, you will find the Angel Hotel, which has not one ghost, but two that is known to haunt the premises. The first ghostly resident of the hotel is described as a rather tall figure that resembles a seaman. He is often seen wearing a naval coat when encountered by witnesses.


The second ghost of the Angel Hotel is thought to be a coachman and is often seen peering out of the kitchen window of the hotel. What he is looking at or for is not known, as the history of these two ghosts is not particularly clear. Before this hotel became what it is today, it was once an old coaching Inn that once housed shipbuilders working in the vicinity. It eventually served as a

hostelry for the local shipbuilders.


At the
Bell Inn, which is situated at Sible Hedingham in Essex, England
, there is one room that is quite special on the premises. Whatever way you choose to approach this room depends on your mindset. If you are up for a thrill, you may challenge yourself to stay at this lodging choice, but if you tend to avoid frightening encounters, then this room may not be for you. It is in this room that you may encounter the ghost of a young girl with dark hair. No one quite knows her story, but the inn has quite a history to explore, having been positioned at this location for about 300 years.


If you dare stay at the Commodore, which is located in Millom, Cumbria, England


you may find that this pub features the haunting sounds of moving furniture by entities unknown to us. The list of haunted establishments in England is practically endless. Be on the lookout for the series of “Haunted Pubs in England” to learn of the paranormal activity at the Black Lion or the ghostly monks that can be found at the haunted pub located in