Paranormal Convention coming to Miamitown, Ohio

Cincinnati Tour Founders Bring the Paranormal Community Together


The Miami Historical Society of Whitewater Township and Miamitown Ghost Tours will come together to bring the paranormal community into Cincinnati!  Ghost tour founders, Michael and Jeff Morris, will be hosting the first ever paranormal convention in Miamitown, Ohio on October 10, 2009.  


This convention will offer each guest the opportunity to speak with many of the well known figures in the paranormal community, including but not limited to:

·         James A. Willis: the co-author of Weird Ohio (2005) and Weird Indiana (2008) and was also a contributing author to Weird US (2004), Weird Hauntings (2006), Weird US: The ODDyssey Continues (2008), and Weird, Scary and Unusual (2008). Additionally, he is the founder of the paranormal research team Ghosts Of Ohio.  He currently resides in


Ohio, with his wife, a Queen-loving parrot, and three narcoleptic cats.

·         Jeff Craig: the creator and mastermind behind the Hidden Ohio Map and Guide.  He currently is a member of James A. Willis’ paranormal research group Ghosts of Ohio and resides in Blue Ash, Ohio.  Aside from his map Jeff is a freelance cartographer with Celtic Maps.

·         Paranormal Outreach Radio: Mike, Matt, and Christel host Paranormal Outreach Radio every Wednesday night at 9:30pm on www.asprn.com.  On October 10th they will be broadcasting from the Miami Historical Society live!  Mike, Matt, and Christel are also members of the Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society.

·         Cincinnati Area Paranormal Existence Research: CAPER has been researching the paranormal for 5 years and has become one of the largest Cincinnati paranormal groups.  Meet the members and hear about their past 30+ years of combined paranormal experience including their travels around the world!

·         Rayne: a Medium and Tarot reader and works with Paravizons as well.  Rayne will be offering readings and information for everyone interested!

·         Miamitown Ghost Tours: tour founders and authors will present their new book Haunted Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio.  Michael and Jeff Morris have been working in the paranormal community for about 4 years and began touring Miamitown in December of 2006.


Admission into the convention will be $5.00 at the Miami Historical Society town hall.  All of the proceeds will be donated to the Miami Historical Society in order to help Miamitown grow and become what it once was.  The doors will open at 2:00pm and presentations will begin at approximately 3:00pm.  The convention will last about six hours, closing the doors around 8:00pm. 


Hope to see you there!  It’s for a good cause and will be great fun!