Scary Movies 1: The Big Screen vs. The Real Deal

There are many movies out there that deal with unexplainable events, entities or occurrences. Some of the main topics deal with subjects that have been already played out in real life. Exorcisms, poltergeists and haunted houses have all been endured by real individuals and go beyond the lines written on a movie script. Below you will find a few common themes compared to real-life experiences.


The Movie: The Exorcist

The movie followed the pages of William Peter Blatty’s novel, where impressive special effects were included. Since it’s release, the movie has been re-released with additional footage, as well as more advanced effects. The claim of the movie was that it was based on true events, sending many to bed with a nightmare or two. Head spinning, green puke and an unnerving possessed young woman are some of the scenes you will encounter.


The Real Deal

Exorcism is the act of removing demons or other evil spirits from a person or object that exhibits signs of a possession. Many religions still believe and practice the act, which dates back to ancient times. Usually it is a priest who performs an exorcism, but there are many cases where the task has been handled by someone with no experience or knowledge- just the belief. When a person is not trained in performing a proper exorcism, the results can be quite disturbing. The worst cases end in death. The movie, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” was based on a true story of Anneliese Michel, who died during an exorcism performed by her parents, who were Bavarian priests. Other deaths include: Kyung-A Ha (beaten to death); Kyung Jae Chung (died from blunt force trauma); Kira Canhoto (2-year old force-fed water); Charity Miranda (suffocation).


The Movie: The Haunting

Directed by Robert Wise, this 1966 gem is quite scary. The plot deals with the character, Eleanor, who is tempted to stay one night in an old mansion with others. The reputation of the mansion being haunted does not deter them. A remake was also made in 1999, titled “The Haunting of Hill House,” which stars Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


The Real Deal

Located on San Diego Avenue and Harney Street in San Diego, California, you will encounter the Whaley House, which now serves as a historical house and museum. This location is considered to be one of the most haunted houses within North America. A reputable ghost hunter explored the site and deemed it so. Many ghosts are said to haunt this house, including the former owner and his wife; one of their children who died from scarlet fever; a young girl; various unnamed apparitions, as well as an executed man by the name of Yankee Jim.


The Movie: Poltergeist

This movie deals with one of the most popular ghost stories told. Strange activity is observed within a house, which torments a young family. In the movie, their five-year-old daughter, Carol Anne disappears within the plot, where paranormal investigators have to step in. This is where we first meet the creepy psychic, who describes some of the forces that their child is fighting against.


The Real Deal

A poltergeist is said to be an invisible ghost that will interact with people by moving items about a room. Poltergeists are known to create the sounds of heavy rapping, tapping, thumping, knocks, footsteps, as well as unknown footsteps. Some witnesses claim that objects can be thrown across a room, furniture movement, as well as the act of levitation. Documented cases regarding poltergeists include: The Bell Witch (1817); The Haunting of the Fox Sisters (1848); The Borley Rectory (1929); The Enfield Poltergeist (1977).