The fear of death makes our psychic abilities more acute

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Death Psi

Does approaching death make our psychic abilities more acute?

According to British psychologist Keith Hearne, head of the Hearne

Research Organization in North Humberside, England, the answer may

be yes.

To find out for sure, Hearne has begun 2 investigations of his own.

In the first study, terminally ill people are asked to take tests

that will rate their ESP capabilities. “We will pick out images

from cards or pictures,” he says. “Then we will attempt to transmit

the images to the terminally ill at specific times, probably twice a

day. The results will be plotted back from the moment of death,”

Hearne adds. “I expect to see an upward turn in psi as death


The second study will focus on memories and perceptions reported by

those who have been, for a moment at least, clinically dead. To test

hearing during death, for instance, Hearne’s group will ask a

hospital medical team to play random, prerecorded words and phrases

at the moment of death. If the patient revives, he or she will be

asked to recall the words.

Hearne admits it may be difficult to gain the cooperation of doctors

and hospital administrators. But he plans to circumvent objections

from the medical establishment “by appealing to the public at large.

To choose to participate is up to the individual’s own conscience,”

he says. “I know if I were dying, I would be only too happy to take

part in a parapsychological experiment.”

Hearne asks terminally ill people interested in participating in

psychic research to contact him at Box 84, Hull, North Humberside,

England, HU1 2E.


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