Illuminati News in the Rap World: March 20, 2014: Pyramid Tattoos & Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

When it comes to news headlines regarding the music industry and the Illuminati, hip hop and rap are often at the center of controversy. This is namely because there is a handful of prosperous, well-known celebrities representing these musical genres, who often become entangled in conspiracy theories and secret society rumors. In this piece, we will touch upon two news headlines concerning a couple of musicians who are not Jay-Z or Kanye West – two entertainers that seem to be the most talked-about suspected Illuminati puppets in the industry.

Dancehall Artist Gets Illuminati-like Pyramid Tattoo Over Eye

Tattoos play a significant role in the culture associated with the rap and hip hop music industry. From highlighting hometown roots to paying homage to a loved one (or their music), getting a tattoo makes a statement ,but when one chooses to get inked artwork around their eye…this type of statement is one that shouts out at the people loud and clear.

For an up-and-coming Jamaican dancehall artist by the name of Radijah…not only did he get people talking about the tattoo he placed over his right eye…but it’s the content that has caused quite a stir. For some reason, the music artist decided on a pyramid tattoo, which also seems to have a bit of hidden Masonic square and compass symbolism. Interestingly, his pyramid tattoo over the eye creates the imagery of the all-seeing eye (Eye of Horus) that is often associated with the Illuminati.

Photographs of Radijah with his new eye tattoo have been circulating around the Internet. While it is possible that he has gone to all the trouble to promote a commonly known Illuminati symbol to drum up attention based on shock value…there is no debating that the poses he chooses for his pictures are an intentional extension of the meaning behind the tattoo’s symbolism.

In one photo, Radijah crosses his arms and displays two hand gestures, which could represent some sort of affiliation or representation of a group or place. Oftentimes, such hand gestures are used to acknowledge a city or place where a musician is from – or it could very well be used to express the ‘666’ hand gesture that it implies. The second photo of Radijah shows him making another hand gesture – this time a slightly concealed ‘Devil horns’ or ‘Moloch horns’ placed over his lips, as if to signify the Illuminati’s ‘vow of silence.’

Rapper Chingy has Discovered Conspiracy Theories, and Touches Upon the Illuminati

In the mid-2000s, Chingy had a string of musical hits before experiencing a falling out with his music label, and then disappearing from the mainstream music scene altogether. However, the rapper has made a growing reemergence into various social media circles (such as Instagram) by posting images and his conspiracy theory thoughts, which may have been promoted by his recent discovery and studying of Kinesis Sciences.

Apparently, the ‘university’ that he is attending urges students to question the world around them, which is a smart concept to embrace. If no one questioned authority, the government, or the news media – we’d all live in a world far more corrupt than it is now.  As Chingy touches upon presidential conspiracies and 9/11 theories, he also makes mention about the Illuminati (including a reference as to why the all-seeing eye is posted on currency) …and people are taking notice.

While some people are questioning his paranoia, others have joined in the conversation and have expressed some of the same sentiments as the rapper.

News headlines like the above-mentioned continue to highlight the influence and presence of the Illuminati, and the ever-growing need for the public to question the meaning behind the actions of others.