LHC Portal Debate Rages On

With the avalanche of scientific theories about the LHC making the rounds a number of theories have popped up, and almost as many have been quashed by those who spend their entire lives studying the various subjects surrounding the subject of parallel realities.  And yet there are still a handful of theories that no one can truly imagine since it deals with principles we are only now beginning to imagine.  And one of these is the LHC tearing a small hole in the fabric of space time that something could come through.

Just beginning to scratch the surface of how different the “next dimension up” is from this one reveals quite quickly that a “gateway” (or means of traversing from one to another) is difficult to imagine in terms of time or space.  What is imagined as a small portal in our dimension may actually blossom carrying the whole universe with it.  And yet it is imaginable that if this was the case it may have happened on another planet somewhere in the universe long ago given its scope.  But if not the entirety of space, can we assume such a portal could have different effects on time?  Perhaps a portal that was intended to open for an infinitesimal period could be left open indefinitely unless specifically closed by a similar machine to the LHC.  Or perhaps just indefinitely.  And if such a hole in reality were open to somewhere else, where do our minds take us after years of being exposed to Hollywood films?

Of course one scenario easily latched on to would involve an alternate universe where dangerous creatures either sentient or simply dangerous are waiting to invade our universe after sensing the upcoming rift in space time, able to see through time even as we are not.  Such a scenario was explored in the film ‘Event Horizon’ starring Sam Neill and Lawrence Fishburne.  But is a nightmare scenario truly the most likely if another dimension full of sentient creatures was opened up?  One could just as easily speculate that another dimension’s inhabitants could be nice or even helpful, or may not exist at all.

And yet this negative nightmarish scenario is one that comes up repeatedly during radio interviews and on blog posts.  But this is also assuming an all encompassing and pervasive presence that we are immediately made aware of.  Isn’t it possible that even if somehow the LHC opened a rift in space time that it could manifest more as a series of seemingly unconnected paranormal events manifesting in a similar way that UFOs and ghosts do now?  Is it possible that these very manifestations are somehow linked to a previous scenario wherein such a gateway was opened?  When it comes to the subject of dimensional travel, most scenarios immediately can be categorized into the realm of pure speculation.  But should we fear the LHC opening up some sort of eternal gateway to a chaotic hellish nightmare world?  It seems a bit premature since it seems just as likely the opposite is true.