The Grail in America

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voyage of the “Holy Grail” from Europe to America. The idea of a Templar Fleet sailing the oceans and carrying their treasure trove across the Atlantic was extensively researched by Baigent and Lee for their 1989 “The Temple and the Lodge”. Many authors had picked up the theme, tracing and documenting the ability of the original Knights Templar to perform such a feat, as they escaped from the continent on their ships in Spain and southern France, after the sudden demise of their order in 1307.

Much of this research focuses on Sir Henry St. Clair (Sinclair) of Scotland, whose grandson William built the Roslyn Chapel, and who is said to have voyaged in late 14th Century to Oak Island in Nova Scotia, and buried “something” there in the famed “Money Pit”. This location was later also connected with two famous contemporaries from 16th Century England, similarly named “Francis” – Drake and Bacon, one a sea-farer and explorer, the other a philosopher and mystic (1) (see notes at the end).