An Introduction to the Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

As you take a look at the ripples associated with the glyph that represents Aquarius, you will find that the water bearer is a representation of intuition and reason as it pertains to humanitarianism. Those who are born between January 21st and February 18th belong to the zodiac sign of Aquarius, who is ruled by Saturn and Uranus when it comes to planetary guidance. In this article, you will explore the ins and outs of this sign, including personality traits that are often commonly found in many Aquarians.

Usually, you will find that Aquarians are humane, rebellious, reasonable, eccentric, idealistic, and progressive. Brotherhood is important to many who fall under this sign. They often fight for reason and reform , sometimes being perceived as erratic in their causes. Since two different planets rule this sign, they tend to showcase two different realms of their personality, including a certain quirkiness that is easily taken in different ways.

You never know what you’re going to get with an Aquarius as a friend or a lover. They can highlight traits that are seen as unconventional. They can throw themselves into a fit of crankiness or become just as unpredictable as a stranger. It is not uncommon to see the life of an Aquarian full of chaos and in disarray. Other traits to be on the lookout for include stubborn, original, the life of the party, and inventive. However, don’t let the streak of perfectionism get in the way of your friendship or relationship , as they can strive for order that is sometimes quite demanding.

To learn more about this zodiac sign, a collection of interesting facts are found below and in other installments exploring Aquarians:

1) As a youth, an Aquarian may display a tendency to fight for change or promote a revolution in the middle of a class.

2) In school, an Aquarian child may gravitate to subjects that deal with science, as this appeals to their sensibilities concerning all things rational and groundbreaking.

3) One of Aquarius’ birthstones is the amethyst, as it is linked with being able to increase the level of intuition one possesses. The other is the mesmerizing blueness of aquamarine.

4) When it comes to social change, Aquarians are often seen as those who will play an important role in the future.

5) This sign highlights a great deal of intelligence and intuition. Often following a logical thought process, they are known to offer an assortment of envelope-pushing thoughts of change that can push the limits of what others are willing to believe and accept. Many geniuses are Aquarians, as they often possess a mind with a high level of intelligence and promise of greatness. However, a downfall of this trait is that they are sometimes often misunderstood in their actions and causes. Just remember that the majority of Aquarians often fight for justice and equality.

To enjoy more information on Aquarians , be on the lookout for additional insight that includes the strengths and weakness of this sign, as well as how a child and parent born under the sign will interact with the world and their loved ones.