March Birthdays: Astrological Myths 3

During the second part of March, the births of individuals belonging to the zodiac sign Aris (the ram) are celebrated. In this article, you will encounter astrological and mythological connections that involve the priest’s Dance of Salii and the Festival of Joy.

March 23rd Birthdays

Ancient Romans saw March 23rd as a day to watch the priests perform the Dance of Salii. With spears and swords in hand, they worked to invoke the gods Saturn and Mars. It was believed that the celebration could drive away the spirits of the winter season out of the city and bring fertility to the crops of the spring. An Aries born on this day is one that loves their freedom and is known as a great thinker.

March 24th Birthdays

For those that follow celebrations of the Norse culture, you should know that March 24th was observed as the Day of Heimdall, which paid homage to the god of light known to sound his horn and represent the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, which was thought to link heaven and earth. Known for keeping things orderly, Heimdall was often paired with the archangel Gabriel. Individuals born on March 24th are usually seen as aggressive, independent, and someone who is turned off by standing still.

March 25th Birthdays

If you were a woman that lived during ancient Roman days, then you would look forward to honoring the goddess Cybele. On this day, a ceremony involving washing took place as part of the festivities, which was thought to promote fertility. The day was called the Hilaria (Festival of Joy) and it was filled with great happiness, which celebrated ‘the triumph of day over night after the equinox.’ Those born on March 25th seem to possess the soul of a warrior deep within that makes them wise and ready for anything.

March 28th Birthdays

March 28th was the day that ancient Greeks celebrated the birth of Artemis , a Greek goddess associated with the Moon. The day was also significant to ancient Romans, as they would make sacrifices at the Tombs of the Ancestors. In Taiwan, the birth of the goddess Kwan Yin (often referred to as the Goddess of Mercy) is celebrated. An Aries born on this day is believed to possess some of the same characteristics as the Knight of Wands in the tarot deck , full of energy and self-motivation.

March 29th Birthdays

The ritual reenactment of the ‘fixing of the destinies’ took place on March 29th. On this day, observers paid homage to the rite of holy marriage that the Sumerian god Dumuzi and the goddess Inanna were part of. The current king would play the role of the god, while a temple priestess symbolized Inanna of Uruk. In Africa, the Bobo people participated in an annual masquerade ritual, which is thought to help restore the balance of nature, as well as keep evil spirits away. Aries born on this day usually possess ambition, determination, and random bursts of energy.