What is the Fascination with Pyramids and the All-Seeing Eye in Youth-Geared Clothing Companies?

When you think of clothing company logos and designs that embrace Masonic and Illuminati symbolism, Jay-Z’s ‘the Roc’ line is one of the first things to come to mind. His repeated use of a triangle with an eye in the middle has become a large part of his brand as a music artist. It seems that pyramids and the all-seeing eye are a popular trend within clothing companies geared towards the younger generation (especially when it comes to urban streetwear). What exactly is the fascination with these symbols”¦and are they intentionally used to make a point or support a specific message?

TI$A Clothing

As soon as you visit the website of clothing company, TI$A, an audio snippet greets you with: “this is a rich man’s playground.” This message alone is loud and clear ”“ the elite are free to do as they please. TI$A incorporates music, art, and clothing into one conglomerate Appearing in music videos and photo shoots of the likes of 2Chainz and Meek Millz, TI$A clothing is an urban clothing company that incorporates the all-seeing eye, cash symbol, and pyramid into their colorful logo.

The clothing company also embraces other disturbing themes that encourage chaos. For example, some clothing themes display a celebration of the drug culture, including marijuana leaves decorating hoodies. In addition to sports team logo hats, Ti$A also sells hats labeled ‘Dope’ and ‘Blow.’ The brand also offers clothing with .45 caliber gun imagery.

Top Dawg Entertainment

With a catchy, melodious voice, Kendrick Lamar is becoming an increasingly known name in the entertainment industry. His ‘Swimming Pools (Drank)’ song repeatedly hits the airwaves and Internet radio. He’s also got a new clothing line under his belt. Called ‘TDE,’ the company stands for Top Dawg Entertainment and embraces the symbolism of all-seeing eyes and pyramids in a variety of its designs. For example, his 3eye Beanie design (shown) incorporates an eye topped with dancing pyramid-like icons. In the hiiiPower beanie, there is a distinctly similar all-seeing eye with Egyptian qualities used. In the hiiiPower Crew hoodie, an Egyptian-like eye hovers over a brick pyramid flanked by two lightning bolts.
Mechanical Dummy ‘Black Pyramid’

Singing sensation Chris Brown (who has had a tumultuous relationship with suspected Illuminati puppet Rihanna) has also invested in a clothing company of his own. Called Mechanical Dummy, you will find that the musician (or the musician’s handlers) incorporates ‘black pyramid’ imagery into many of the designs ”“ sometimes showing the pyramid as being upside-down.

The Mechanical Dummy “Black Pyramid” collection features an assortment of T-shirts, hoodies and hats ”“ a collaboration between Brown and Pink Dolphin founders Neima Khaila and Cena Barhaghi.  In taking a look at the logo, you will also notice the distinct lightning bolt incorporated into the ‘M’ of the logo. When asked about the meaning behind the ‘Black Pyramid’ clothing, a rep for Pink Dolphin answered that “No one of this generation had mastered the art of making a perfect pyramid, hence the name, Black Pyramid.”

Illuminati and Masonic symbolism is haphazardly embraced by a variety of clothing companies and designers. As seen in the T-shirt below, many different symbols are combined, including an eye inside of a triangle, ram skulls, crosses and snakes. Is the T-shirt trying to say that the police are associated with these symbols by adding ‘Cop Problem’ to the design? The all-seeing eye, pyramids and other icons are tossed in to make various statements (and keep up with trends), but these decisions in clothing design only help spread the message of an agenda bent on causing a New World Order through chaos.