What’s an Easy Way to Make the Satanism Acceptable? Make It Fashionable.

The younger generation is constantly looking for the next trend to embrace, and one of the best ways to appeal to today’s youths is to make something fashionable. It doesn’t matter if a T-shirt promotes gun violence or spreads a Satanic message – if a popular celebrity or entertainment personality endorses it, then in the eyes of tweens, teens, and young adults – it is the ‘cool’ or ‘accepted’ thing to do. Fashion is just one of the ways that organizations and agendas sway the public to accept their message or symbolism, such as the pentagram or the Eye of Lucifer.

Satanic Symbols in Clothing

The amount of clothing in the fashion world that incorporates Satanic symbolism is increasing at an alarming rate – almost to the point that many are desensitized to the true meaning behind the symbols. Unfortunately, this is one of the ultimate goals of those who support a Satanic agenda; to make these kinds of symbols more accepted to the greater public. The pentagram, inverted crosses, and blatant references to the Devil (including horns, pointed tail, serpents, and something as simple as the pitchfork) are becoming more commonplace in clothing designs. For example, Obey is a clothing company known to incorporate Satanic symbolism into their designs.

While many of the Satanic symbols appearing in clothing designs are blatant, others are not so clear. This is because hidden references are meant to tap into the subconscious mind. For example, one such suspected garment is a Marchesa dress that has been showcased in the past at a charity function, as well as highlighted in a special Project Runway show. Take a close look at the photos – some have believe a goat’s head or reference to Baphotmet is hidden within the dress design.

Props and Gestures in Fashion Photo Shoots

From Eye of Lucifer pendants and pentagram earrings decorating the bodies of models to beauties displaying a pair of Devil horns, both subtle and not-so subtle references to Satan appear in photo shoots for some of the most popular magazines. Sometimes, entire photo shoots are intentionally devoted to the subject, as seen in the pictured images.

In the September 2007 issue of French Vogue, the magazine highlighted several different themes and symbols related to Devil worship. You will see a model standing on a pentagram in the woods and positioned in front of a pentagram in two separate photos. In one scene, the model is holding a goat with a red cross painted on its face. The goat is an animal that has ties to Satanism and the occult, and is a creature that resembles Baphomet – a deity embraced by Satanists and occultists. One photo shows the model with a pentagram drawn on her forehead, where her eyes give off the impression that she is ‘possessed.’

Themes and Statements at Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are known for pushing the envelope of acceptance as models strut their stuff down a runway. Not only do the pieces of clothing make a symbol, but the themes and props used in a show can send a message of Satanism just by incorporating some of the key symbols. Such Satanic statements may appear in the background art or runway décor of a fashion show. They also emerge in some of the styling choices and accessories worn by the models themselves. Purses, jewelry, and other references are often used to create an intended effect.

The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen was known for adding an extravagant and dramatic twist to his fashion shows. Audiences often walked away in shock or were surprised by both the content, themes, and clothing. In addition to having models walk along a red pentagram in one of his fashion shows, he’s also incorporated single-eye symbolism , and references to Baphomet. He’s also embraced themes of mind control, mirrored effects, and checkerboard themes (which represents the duality associated with the Freemasons) in some of his fashion shows and photo shoots.